Putting Your Life In Balance: Finding Balance in Life Through Certainty

It is only possible to put your life in balance after you understand the 6 human needs, one of which is certainty. Tony Robins defines the 6 crucial human needs as certainty, uncertainty, love/connection, significance, growth, and contribution. These needs might not necessarily be things we crave, but unconsciously (and sometimes consciously), we need them to feel fulfilled. They guide us in decision-making, help us prioritize our actions, and bring us joy & happiness in a subtle way. Learn more about these needs and how they can help you navigate your way into 2023 more successfully. 

The 6 Human Needs

Tony Robins’ model of the six things humans need to feel fulfilled includes Certainty, uncertainty, love/connection, significance, growth, and contribution. Fulfillment is found after developing a life in balance. The prioritization level differs from time to time and from person to person. While others prefer to live in the uncertain because it makes them stronger, others might crave connection more. In the same way, you might prioritize growth. At the same time, another person might feel more fulfilled when they contribute and are influenced.

While the six concepts are inspiring and buoyant to talk about, today is only about one of these needs – Certainty.

What is Certainty?

Certainty is that feeling of safety and control we generate from being sure of what surrounds us. Being able to control a situation with little to no risk is where Certainty comes from. People crave Certainty because it is our natural biology to feel safe and secure. We naturally dislike uncomfortable situation and surprise in life experiences. Hence, we naturally tend to find different ways to remain in control. 

Putting your life in balance: What Certainty Makes us Become

While it is okay to be certain, it is more important to note what you do to be certain. Achieving a life in balance starts by understanding what drives you. If negative influences drive your actions, you will not find balance. Does it make you take positive or negative action? How deep are you willing to go to achieve Certainty? Here are some behaviors that stream from the need to be certain:

  1. Consistency: Some people prefer to work every day from 9 to 5 or go to the gym to remain in control of their income or body. Creating a routine is one way people create Certainty around an outcome. 
  2. Plans: Creating plans or goals helps some people to achieve a level of Certainty for the unknown future. Some of these include retirement plans and annual savings. 
  3. Control: In the workplace, some people need to control others. Control – or instilling fear and bullying is not a great way to achieve Certainty in your environment. 
  4. Addiction: Taking addictive materials could help some people control how they feel. Though they can be sure of how they feel and react, it is not a great way to achieve Certainty.
  5. Taking action: Going to the doctor or taking supplements are great ways to be certain about your health and well-being. 

Finding balance in life through certainty.

These are only a few of the ways people achieve Certainty. The goal, now, is to ask yourself what you wish to be certain about. Identify how you have tried to achieve that state of mind. Was it a great tactic, or do you need to change it? Do this self-evaluation before the new year to make better choices in the future. 

The Power of Certainty in Your life.

Certainty is the result of total control. There are different reactions to certainty. But you control what you do to become certain of your life’s events. Choose to do positive things alone. You cannot control other people and their emotions – only you and yours. Everyone is different. Accept that! You cannot control everything. Once you develop healthy certainty in life, you can work toward finding balance in your life.

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