Pursue Your Passion: 7 Myths That Stop People From Following Their Passions

Most of us have goals and dreams that we want to pursue, but often we find ourselves held back from living the dream. Life is an opportunity for you to find your passion and pursue it. Yet, we stop ourselves from pursuing our dreams for various reasons and self-limiting beliefs. 

Living the dream: 7 self-limiting beliefs you need to let go of

The truth is, these limiting beliefs and myths are just excuses that we resort to, in order to avoid taking action and living the dream. These are the same myths that we tell ourselves as to why we’re not pushing forward in our business or why we’re not doing the things we say we want to do in our lives.

So, here are some myths that prevent people from pursuing their passions:

1 “It’s not possible.”

For any goal you set for yourself, start by asking yourself, “Is it possible?” We have to believe that it is possible to do whatever it is we say we want to do. Whether it’s a passion project or we want to start a creative endeavor, we have to believe that it is possible to do that. 

If we don’t believe that it’s possible to do that thing, we’re stopping ourselves before we even get started – we’re not going to have the energy to actually take that first step and keep putting one foot after the other to make it happen.

2 “I’m not good enough.” 

We tell ourselves we’re not good enough far too often, “I’m not there yet,” or, “I don’t have this skill set.” But the truth is, you are exactly enough the way you are today in order to start. Is it possible that you may be telling yourself this because you’re scared to step out of your comfort zone?

Act now anyway; you don’t have to get any better or be any different to begin working on your goal. You have everything that you need right now, and you are worthy. Believe in this and pursue your passion.

3 “I need permission.” 

You don’t need permission from anyone to pursue your passion. Is there something you’re waiting for permission on? Are you hoping someone will tell you that you’re enough? Write your own permission slip to do the thing that you say you want to do.

4 “I need a reason.”

The only reason you should pursue your dream is because you want to. When opportunity knocks, do make the most of it – this is reason enough.

5 “There isn’t enough time.” 

Whatever can happen at any time can happen today. It all comes down to your priorities. We make time for the things that are truly important to us. So ask yourself how important it is for you to find your passion and live the life of your dreams.

6 It has to be perfect. 

There’s never a perfect time. For anything. And what we put out is never going to be perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist. Is it possible that your discomfort with the “new” and the “unknown” is preventing you from getting started? The perfect time is now, so pursue your passion.

7 ” I’ll wait for the inspiration to strike me.” 

We keep waiting for inspiration to strike before we start, but the truth is, inspiration doesn’t strike per se. We get inspired by sitting down and doing the work. Be mindful of this when an opportunity knocks, and thereafter, show up and do the work every day. That’s where the inspiration happens. It happens through doing, not waiting. It’s in the actions that we need to take for living the dream.

When opportunity knocks, take it: pursue your passion.

It’s important to recognize these self-limiting beliefs and lies that we often tell ourselves. When you find yourself believing in a myth of this kind, ask yourself, “Is it possible that I’m holding myself back from living the dream?”

Then set out to find your passion and take action toward your purpose, even if it’s not perfectly clear right now. You are enough, and you don’t need permission from anyone else to pursue your passion or achieve your goals. Inspiration comes from doing the work, not waiting for it to happen. So, let’s break through these myths and go after our dreams with courage and determination.

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