6 Ways to Hone Your Public Speaking Skills: How to Be a Good Public Speaker

Public speaking can be a daunting experience for a beginner, but you can become great at it if you are willing to put in the time and effort to improve your public speaking skills. Effective public speaking can boost your confidence levels and self-esteem. Great speakers are often able to inspire others and influence change through their words.

How to be a good speaker: 6 effective public speaking tips 

Honing your public speaking skills can be a useful and rewarding skill to have in both personal and professional situations.

Here are some tips to help you become a better speaker.

1. Tell your story

We all have an account, a history, and somewhere we have been that has changed our lives for good or bad. Those stories of suicide, homelessness, joblessness, hunger, and divorce can help you connect with your audience on a personal level. Your story can either attract people to you or repel them from you, depending on how you tell it.

2. Be yourself

It’s easy for the audience to spot a fake speaker, which can become a repulsive factor. You don’t need to act fake to be accepted. Display your originality in an accepted manner, and the audience on your side will be ready to hear what you have to say.

3. Make an effort to engage your audience.

It’s not essential to be funny, but it is important to be engaging: some people confuse jokes for engagement. Jokes aren’t a necessity, but engagement is. Engagement is the medium through which you connect to your audience and continuously stimulate their desire to hear you speak.

4. Keep learning, building, innovating, and speaking.

Persistence is rewarding. Nobody starts off their public speaking journey as the best, but continuous learning and improvement make the difference over a period of time. Good isn’t enough; self-improvement is an ongoing process. Trust your process, believe in yourself, and you will get there.

5. Learn from others.

There are speakers currently better than you, and it’s your responsibility to search for them and ask for tips on what it takes to be a successful speaker. You don’t need to learn from your mistakes all the time. Learning from others ahead of you can be an accelerating factor in your public speaking career.

6. Connect with the audience before, during, and after your speech.

You must understand that your connection with the audience drives their general acceptance of your words. You don’t need to act in a “special” manner as a guy backstage, but rather let the audience feel your presence and resonate with your words personally. Break down all the walls between you and your audience.

Takeaway: Improving your public speaking skills

A noteworthy fact here is that general friendliness with backstage workers and show sponsors can influence your acceptability with the audience, which can serve as a confidence booster. 

Learn to be purposeful and structural with your speeches. Practice a routine follow-up to get feedback from the audience and your invitees. Implement the suggestions to get better and become unstoppable as a speaker. Consistent practice is the key to being a good public speaker.

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