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Does running your business feel lonely, stressful, and even frustrating?

Welcome to BWC Prime

We make it EASY for you to grow and thrive in your business.


We created BWC Prime as a thriving community of support, resources, and tools that will allow you to grow as an entrepreneur with clarity, confidence and awareness.

Too many small businesses owners struggle with the HOW of what to do, and lose sight of the JOY of why they started in the first place – with BWC Prime, you’ll be able to tap into that joy because you’re in a community that wants to see you win.

When you join prime, here’s the value you can expect every single month:

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So Here’s What You Get IMMEDIATELY When You Join Prime

When You Take Action And Join Prime, We’re Giving You Immediate Access To Three POWERFUL Bonuses.


Ramon Ray, BWCPrime Coach

Ramon Ray:

Ramon is unapologetically positive. He’s a 5x serial entrepreneur who has sold 3 companies and published 5 books. Ramon is an in-demand motivational speaker, small business expert and event host.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee!

Not satisfied with Prime? Let us know and we’ll buy back your last month, NO questions asked!


Is BWC Prime a coaching program? Or something else?
Yes and yes! We created BWC Prime to be your HOME for finding solutions, support, and clarity in your small business journey. Every Monday we have coaching from HIGHLY experienced business experts, in addition to a constant input of high quality tools and resources that you have FULL access to as a prime member.
I’m already in BWC Live on Clubhouse, how is this different?
The BWC Live show is our place for daily inspiration and motivational content to keep you going and keep you THRIVING every single day as a business owner! BWC Prime gives you the tools, tips, and tricks you need to GROW as a business owner. Prime goes BEYOND BWC Live to give you special access to content, information, and support from our experts that isn’t available on our daily show!
Will the BWC hosts be in Prime?
Yes! We’re working with our hosts to make Prime a GREAT experience for you every, single, day. Some of the names you might be VERY familiar with in the BWC live daily show will be our featured experts in Prime. You’ll be able to learn from them PERSONALLY BEYOND the Daily show, as a part of your Prime membership.
How long does BWC Prime take?
It doesn’t! It’s that simple. BWC Prime is a membership that you can take at your own pace. All of the trainings and content are recorded and saved so that at any time you can access them. Follow along at your own pace that works for you. Prime is here to serve your needs in the way that works best for you.
What if I’m not happy with my membership?
Truthfully, we’d be sad to see you go – but we also stick to our promises. Within the Prime network, you can press one button to cancel your membership. No need to send an email, or ask for help. If you feel like Prime didn’t live up to your expectations, let us know and we’ll buy back your last payment.
What kind of results can I expect with BWC Prime?
That’s up to you! In Prime, Ramon and our team of experts are going to push you, motivate you, and educate you so that you have every single answer and tool you need to thrive – we want to turn you into a Champion! At the end of the day, no matter what support we give you, you have to do the work. We’ll make sure to hold you accountable, and as you take action your results will match the action you take.
How do I know BWC Prime will be good for me?
BWC Prime is NOT for you if you’re making 6 or 7 figures consistently and you have everything figured out. It’s also NOT for you if you’ve never thought about starting a business before and you KNOW that the entrepreneurial path is for you. If you’re a new small business owner who feels like sometimes entrepreneurship can be tough, lonely, or just downright confusing, BWC Prime was created with you in mind and you’ll be a great fit!


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