Prepare to Succeed: How to Be Successful in Life

Prepare to succeed by arming yourself with the mindset needed to achieve success in life even as you venture into an uncertain future. It’s impossible to imagine a future you have not prepared for.

Prepare to succeed: 4 ideas to implement

Stop asking God for permission to do what he told you to do; God already answered the prayer. Preparedness begins with posture. Prepare yourself for the future through consistent practice.

  1. Defeat self-doubt

Doubt can defeat you if you are not prepared. Doubt is a cancer; you have to dig it out and remember who you are and where your unique strengths lie. Know that you can do this. Doubt has no place in the mind of a prepared leader.

  1. Avoid isolating yourself

Lonely entrepreneurs are rarely successful, according to research. Your dream is not permission to isolate, others can’t help you accomplish a dream if you don’t speak about it. Has your dream become your idol? What steps are you taking to get there? Are you willing to quit “good enough” for better? Discuss your dreams with people you trust. You need to prepare to succeed. Lean into your people. 

  1. Resist the temptation to quit

Hardship is not permission to quit in advance. A hard and messy life can stifle your dreams. Peace is part of being well prepared; if you aren’t at rest in the present, you can’t rest in the future.

Takeaway: Prepare to be successful in life

Be present to recognize the opportunity to step up and grow. Recognize that you are currently living your previous dreams and use it as a motivation to dream even bigger.

Refuse to let the uncontrollable control you. In times of adversity, will you be prepared or unprepared to overcome obstacles? Lean into opportunities for growth to be successful in life. You can’t scale from a place of comfort.

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