How To Leverage the Power of Your Voice? 

TEDx and Keynote speaker Lolita E. Walker, who is also a certified life, leadership, and executive coach, affirms her power by giving it her voice, and affirms her oice by giving it her power.

Far too many of us are silent when it comes to our voices, according to Lolita. It’s time to amplify its meaning and its impact to help us soar to greater heights – both personally and professionally.  

Whether it’s your internal voice that guides your day-to-day actions or your external voice that shouts those actions from the mountaintops, your voice can help you even in the midst of circumstance.

Here are five strategies that will power you in your work, life, and home to help you leverage the power of your voice, according to Ms. Walker.

Vulnerability speaks volumes

Making yourself vulnerable is not always the easiest thing to do.  Three out of four people have a fear of public speaking. Finding comfort in your discomfort can open the door to your vulnerability and help power your clarity, confidence, and commitment to yourself and others. Your vulnerability impacts others.

Operate in commitment

What is it that you are operating in today?  What are your commitment to yourself and those on the other side of your voice? What are you committed to?  What if you chose to operate with the commitment that you would be happy? that you would leap into your fear? that you would ask for the raise that you have earned and deserved?  What if you chose to operate in commitment?  Walk into it scared and marvel at the results. 

Interact with the inner you

This could be a shift in your mindset that allows you to have honest conversations with yourself. Lolita’s second book, “Can We Talk?” reminds you to interact with the inner you.  Beyond your outer voice, what if you chose to speak to your “Dear Contagious Vulnerability,” “Dear Limiting Beliefs,” “Dear Forgotten Me,” “Dear Divorce?”  What would you say to these inner parts of you?  How would you grow as a result?

Craft the message – your message. 

Sometimes, when we decide to leverage the power of our voices, we must properly plan.  One consideration is to outline the three things that you would like your audience to walk away with.  What if you chose to unlock the doors that are inside of you to exclaim with the voice that is outside of you?  

Experience your impact

If my voice has power, and I am that power, then my voice has an impact.  How often do we ensure that we the recipients of this impact?  This is a reminder to pause and to then feel the power that is within.  You are power.  Know it, trust it, and believe it.

Which of these five strategies will you leverage today?

If each day we walk past keys that open doors of endless possibilities, leveraging the power of your voice will give you access to grab one of these keys today. 

For additional details, click here to watch the entire 30-minute, power half-hour with Lolita E. Walker.  Within the video, Lolita also spends time on the notion of “focus” and how when you pair “focus” with leveraging the power of your voice, your greatness amplifies and your impact soars.

Each Thursday at 7:30 am EST, Lolita brings her “Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations” to Breakfast with Champions.  She is an 2x author, certified life, leadership, and executive coach, mommy, PhD student and college instructor, Board Member and Vice-Chair of the PGCPS Board of Education, business owner and so much more.  You may visit Lolita at

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