The Power Of Intention in Living a Successful Life

We all can rely on the power of intention to find success; however, few actually do. It’s available to us all, and we can choose every single moment of every day what we want to do with our lives. Be intentional. 

We are headed into a time when there is a lot of celebrating. This can lead to stress from not reaching goals, and the tension within makes us compounds that stress. 

Today, most people settle for unhealthy stress from work, family, or life. There is no cure for being human, and that’s exactly what we are. We can’t change who we are, but we can figure out how to work to deal with unhealthy stress.

Be intentional to find internal success

Internal success leads to external success. Before you become successful, you need to make that decision from within to build the desire, energy, and motivation from within. The power of intention comes from making this choice. Most people want the magic formula of getting rich quickly, avoiding hard work. Hard work and challenges are not bad as long as they propel you to reach your goals and you can achieve sustainable success.

Sustainable success means being intentional with your internal success. To create a sustainable success you can live with, you must be intentional. You have to become more aware of yourself and your behavior toward success. If you want more success, you have to go internally to do the work to create success. 

Finding internal success through the power of intention.

Believe In Yourself: 

The first thing necessary for your internal success is to believe in yourself. You have the power of intention; you can choose to believe in yourself. This is critical in your journey to success because it all starts with belief. We have always been taught right from childhood not to trust our guts even when, most times, we are right. When you don’t believe in your gut, you betray yourself, which triggers unhealthy stress because we don’t believe in ourselves enough to take action. When you believe in yourself, you ground yourself in your truth, which dictates your boundaries and behaviors.


Boundaries are lines that mark the limiting area. Boundaries are essential to your sanity and health (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Boundaries are lines that speak about what is important to you or not. When you set boundaries, it prevents burnout, helps your relationships, and increases your self-respect. Boundaries help you declutter by taking out the necessary from the unnecessary. When you set boundaries in your work and family life, you will be better at becoming happy and successful.


Becoming successful also boils down to your behavior. Allow the power of intention to help you stand firm to your boundaries. You make decisions based on your gut instincts once you trust yourself. You can’t hold firm to your boundaries if your behavior does not align. 

As the year ends, ask yourself how intentional you are in achieving success.

Things to remember. 

The power of intention can bring success to your life. You can’t undo your past, but you can cope with it and learn from the experiences. It’s okay not to keep the peace so long you are on track with your gut. You get to be the best version of yourself when you stand in your truth despite the criticisms, judgments, and opinions of others. Believe in yourself and carefully set your boundaries. You need to build up the desire to become an expert in yourself and work towards it.

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