Power of Certainty – How to Succeed and Live a Fulfilled Life

The power of certainty is immense! It lets you let go of the “how.” How to do a task becomes less of a worry when you become sure of your capability; that’s what the first phrase means. Additionally, people won’t want to work with you until you become certain of your ability and who you are. It helps to be in the position to channel certainty, even in uncertain times.

The power of certainty

To become certain, focus only on what you can control. When you are faced with a situation, ask yourself what you can control. The thing is, the answer doesn’t change. In every situation, you are the only factor you can control. Your reaction to the situation, the steps you take to approach it, your skill level, your intentions, and so on are the controllable factors. “Here is my value; what can you make of it?” should be your vocabulary. You should not talk too much about how you will increase the sales of a business or turn things around because you cannot control that.

The benefit of having absolute certainty in yourself is that you will not be pushed too easily when things don’t go well. Small setbacks won’t stop you because you know who you are and what you have. Another benefit is that certain people are automatically loved. People want to be around certain beings. Connecting with like minds won’t be difficult at all. When you put your certainty out there, hands rise in favor.

How can you build certainty in yourself? 

Certainty helps us achieve persuasion, according to research. But how do we go about channeling the power of certainty? Here’s how:

  1. Discover who you are. When you are sure about who you are, your values, your motivation, and your intentions, you can boldly tell people what you are about. 
  2. Work on yourself. You cannot attain your perfect self until you look inward. Look in the mirror and see where you can make adjustments (not just physically). Write visions of the future, plan, and set realistic goals. 
  3. Let go of what does not serve you. When you detach, you make room for something else—something more valuable—to take its place.

Takeaway: The Power of Certainty

Certainty can help you lead with purpose, create a massive impact and live a fulfilled life. Knowing what you want makes it easier for you to be able to determine how to achieve it. 

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