How to Be Present: The Power of Awareness in Your Relationships

If you want to build healthy relationships and make meaningful connections, you have to understand how to be present in the moment. Pick up and be attuned to the energy around you. You can tell when people are distracted and not paying attention, and they know when you aren’t engaged. Be aware of your surroundings and notice all subtleties happening around you. 

The power of awareness in connection

We all crave connection. We are born with a sense of insecurity which causes us to lack connection to our true spirit. Presence awakens and strengthens our awareness and connection to our spirit. 

Awareness is being aware of your surroundings. When we are fully present, there is no ego; it is simply one soul connecting with another. Presence does not require buying things and showing off; it is not in the doing but in the presence. Let yourself be with others and live without distractions or judgment.

Presence is not in the stuff but in the actions.

Being has nothing to do with doing. Being present is about the time, energy, and attention you give to others versus the amount you take from others. 

You have a greater and more profound sense of love when you are present. You understand more than just who the person is, but the essence of who the person is. Pay attention to what that person is doing, saying, and asking. Tune in wholeheartedly, giving your undivided attention and avoiding distractions.

How to be present with those around you.

Being present doesn’t have to be draining. Weigh the conversation and see if it is worth your time to spend and give attention. You may need to put up boundaries to protect your energy. To help you to evaluate your relationships to see if you want to nurture them, ask yourself the following questions.

  1.  Is this conversation worth it?
  2.  Does it need my attention?
  3.  Do I like this person?
  4.  Do I want to connect with this person? 
  5.  Do I want to show love to this person?

5 Practical ways to be present:

  1. Drop your agenda and have no expectations or desires. If you focus on not wanting to be there or what else you could be doing, you will be disconnected from the person. Restless energy leads to arguments. 
  2. Make eye contact while you are either talking or listening, showing engagement in what is going on in the conversation. Eyes are the window to the soul. 
  3. Engage in the activity with them. Quality time is not just about hanging out; it is about immersing yourself in the activity, which is essential for love languages. It is ok to go beyond what you like to do but have limits not to burn yourself out. 
  4. Just be with them. You can sit next to them and be in the moment. Silence can be awkward but be silent without doing and saying anything.
  5. Take in what the other person is doing when they are in their environment without judgment. Just observe them as they are, and they will be aware of your presence while doing their thing.

The best gift you can give is to disconnect and be present in the moment.

The power of awareness and presence in your connections is undeniable. Remember these critical steps to becoming more aware of those in your life. Avoid any distractions so you can be fully present. Be aware of what relationships you want to nurture. You can sit in silence and still be present. Eye contact is essential when communicating with another person because it shows you are engaged in the conversation. Be present in all situations.

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