Personal Growth Goals: Choosing A Word For The Year to Optimize Your Growth Energy

Personal growth is a constant endeavor. We always have room to grow and be our best selves. When starting a new growth goal, you must understand your growth energy to set yourself up for success. When you look at next year, are you stuck making the same resolution as the year before? This happens because your mind can not see the solution clearly. When we choose a word for the year, it should challenge us. What is your overarching word for the year? Does it challenge your growth energy? 

What is your growth energy?

Before setting a word for the year, you must determine if you are a person of action or planning. If you are a doing person, your energy is masculine and action-oriented. If you are a planning person, you hold feminine energy. Personal growth is found when you set your goals opposite to your natural energy. 

Choosing a word for the year:

To choose a word for the year to keep you motivated and focused this year, find the word that is a gut punch to you. Think about what you have to work hard at to create. The opposite of resistance is flow. Choose a narrow, focused word so you can’t escape it. 

Let’s think of a word such as momentum. It moves you from one to another. Once you get the ball started, you keep it going. Choose a measurable word as you start putting a plan together. You can only have success once you have identified what your drivers are. 

The Takeaway: Personal growth through your word for the year.

Make sure the word is in alignment with your future self. Today’s self must die to become your future self. It will create chaos within you. This is why choosing a word for the year is so critical. Become present in your awareness. Hold your strong personality facing a project or event. Am I at my highest level? Go out on a limb. Do not be afraid to ask yourself what you need for your personal growth. See how you can do things differently and lean into your word to see things in a different light. Put attention to what you are doing and how it makes you feel. Curiosity can not exist without risk. 

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