‘Perfect’ is the Enemy of Progress

Perfect is the enemy of progress. Don’t hold too tightly onto how you think things “should” be. You need to learn to love the imperfect moments because these are usually the most powerful moments in your life. 

Let go of the idea of perfect.

Striving for perfection usually sets you back. It stops you from doing the things you want to do. Focus more on living your life and not on being perfect. You can only be the best after you fall and rise several times. You have to accept that life is full of imperfections. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress. 

Live in the moment

If you focus and live in the future, you are robbing yourself of the present. Release yourself from all the tactical things you have on your to-do list and move into memory-making because that is what actually matters. 

Let people be who they are.

Perfect is the enemy of progress. We can’t expect progress in our relationships if we expect others to be perfect. No one can live up to that. We attach ourselves to the person we want people to be, not who they truly are. You’re only in control of the experience, not other people. Let yourself be who you are, and allow others to be who they are. 

See the humor in life.

Look at life from an entertainment standpoint. Do not be emotionally attached to the negative things people say to you. Try to find entertainment in what they say. 

When people say negative things to you, it never has anything to do with you. They are only trying to compensate for their own insecurities. Stop being offended by people you don’t actually care about. Remember, perfect is the enemy of progress; allow the imperfect in the negative to bring humor. 

Let the criticism fall off.

People often mistake criticism for help, but it’s not always constructive. Nobody is perfect, which is why perfect is the enemy of progress. Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make often. The holidays are a difficult time for most people. Hopefully, this prayer lifts your spirits; 

The Empty Chair Prayer By Erica Parkerson

“The pies are in the freezer, the turkey’s on the list,

But this Thanksgiving, oh, how a loved one will be missed!

Lord Jesus, please hear our Thanksgiving prayer,

For those gathered around a table that has an empty chair,

Oh Lord, comfort their hearts – we know that you are able,

And let them know that this year, there’s another chair at Heaven’s Table!”

Perfect is the enemy of progress.

The lowest standard you can strive for is perfection. Everyone’s vision and understanding of perfection are different. We’re not present when we’re chasing the future. Negative words only have emotions when you attach emotions to them. Don’t let someone’s action shift to your reaction. Stay focused on what you can control. 

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