Pay Attention to Get Noticed: Two Types of Marketing Strategies for Your Business

What we pay attention to – and the way we do it – is how we receive the attention back, whether in life or business. It is very simple to pay attention; we almost always do this. Pay attention to schoolwork, an employer, or even a movie. 

However, few of us pay attention to ourselves. There are numerous types of marketing strategies available to us that we can use to help our business succeed. Understanding that you not only deserve attention but also need it to progress in life can simplify the process of strategizing the marketing process for your brand. Here’s everything you need to know about paying and attracting the right kind of attention.

Pay attention the right way

To pay attention means to grant something or someone your undivided presence. This means that nothing should stand between you and the object of your focus. However, you should be aware that our vision is naturally configured to see the nearest focal object, even if you’re looking at a flower in a garden. You can still see the sky, the green leaves of the flower, some buzzing bees, and possibly some background noises. Thus, while paying attention, you must also consider where you are, what you are doing, and what your object of focus is.

Furthermore, there are two ways to pay attention: very loudly or quietly. You can listen and shout about how well you listened, talk when questions are asked, or contribute your voice. You can also remain silent and quietly review what you have learned so that you can apply it when necessary. When you pay attention, you can see these two ways as being an introvert or an extrovert.

Getting attention the way you want 

Conventionally, you get attention based on the way you pay attention because people are naturally attracted to things that they find relatable or messages that make them feel comfortable. So if you are the kind of person who shouts victory loudly, the people you would inspire are those who also crave that similar feeling. However, if you prefer to stay in the background while your work and success do the talking, you will naturally attract people with that same energy. 

2 types of marketing strategies based on your personality

If you enjoy doing things out loud, the following methods will help you move your business forward.

  1. Conduct live shows and events where you get to speak and share your values.
  2. Conduct webinars to teach and influence others.
  3. Participate in TikTok videos to engage your customers.
  4. Go on outreach programs to expand your territory.

On the other hand, if you are the quiet type, the following are steps you can consider:

  1. Create and develop website content, a newsletter, or a social media platform to share your values. A podcast or a video blog is a subtle way to merge the two. 
  2. Collaborate with influencers on various social media platforms.
  3. Use captions and content to engage your customers. Make things interactive.
  4. Conduct advertisements and sell yourself to marketing for territory expansion. 

Pay attention to get attention: Listen to yourself

For so long, we have been taught to pay attention to everything BUT ourselves and that you can’t succeed if you choose from the types of marketing strategies available to suit your personality type. 

We have also been fine tuned to pay attention to everything at the same time. So if you want to focus on something, stay in an environment that does not distract you from that focus. 

Here’s how to pay attention to suit your personality type:

  • Loudly – shout out to declare your brand’s uniqueness.
  • Quietly – do it in a location where people are already present. Instead of creating a room, you join one. Do collaborations to promote your brand.

Remember, you need to define how you pay attention to know how to get it. Attention triumphs over anything. The faster you know how to get attention, the faster you move.

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