Overcoming Adversity: How to Define Your Purpose and Make Your Impact

Overcoming adversity says a lot about a person. How do you want to be remembered? We don’t often think about this question, let alone our answer to it. Leaving a legacy represents how you share your gifts with others. It’s the contributions you make during your lifetime. The impact you make on humanity will define your legacy.

Overcoming adversity to leave your mark on the world

But more than leaving your mark on the world, a legacy is about living with purpose. By defining how you want to make your impact, you bring your purpose into being. Who you choose to be every day will become your legacy. You never know how your life will directly or indirectly impact another. You create your legacy by how you live your life today and how you treat others.

Finding meaning in pain and suffering

We get so lost when it comes down to finding our meaning and our purpose, this is because no one truly makes us think about what we should do or want in our lives. And we have an even harder time trying to find the meaning in our struggles or suffering. What we don’t realize is that the worst moments in our lives make us who we are. We forge our identity, our character, and ultimately the impact we leave on the world in adversity, not when things are easy. 

It’s usually in those times of adversity where you find yourself questioning everything about who you are, what you believe, and who you thought yourself to be. But it’s in those moments when all the odds are stacked against you. When you feel like quitting and like it’s never going to end, but you choose to keep going anyway – when you choose to stand back up. These are the moments of overcoming adversity that become the groundwork for your legendary story.

Leaving a Legacy: How You Can Make Your Impact on the World

You build legacy by living your values consistently on a daily basis. It’s making the world a better place with your character, helping one person at a time. Everyone has a story; everyone has a legacy. Our legacy reflects our understanding of life’s purpose. Get the courage to ask yourself how you want to be remembered, then use this to control your story and subsequently build a lasting legacy.

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