Overcome the Fear of Change and Develop the Courage to Embrace it.

Fear of change holds you back, keeping you stuck in the past. Change is a constant in life, and to continue enjoying the best life offers, we must adapt to these changes. Life is dynamic, and the fear of change can keep you from moving forward. Every “new you” resides within your ability to accept changes in life.

Let go of your fear of change.

Change is an essential factor in human lives, either imposed or willingly. The person in the mirror holds our future and promises to maximize our potential. How we relate to change reflects on our quality of life; understanding how to respond to change is instrumental to a fulfilling life. Change is always the introduction of the future to the present. Denial of change is a decision to live in yesterday. Denial of change is to become irrelevant; you become a figment in imagination. Making changes helps keep you relevant irrespective of time.

Winning or losing depends on your ability to change and adapt to situations. Looking back, you will realize why you are where you are is because of the changes you made in the past and your reactions to the changes you made in your life.

Four types of changes in life

Life changes come in different forms with varying degrees of impact on us. Understanding these changes and the potential that comes with them is key to living a victorious life.

1 Changes that happen to us

These are unplanned family, career, and personal changes, and how we adapt to those changes determines if we stay relevant or irrelevant. These types of changes can’t be stopped from happening.

2 Changes that happen around us 

These are also inevitable; they are unexpected and unplanned. It varies from changes in government, climate, and environmental changes. We don’t always have control over these types, but we can choose how to react to them. Holding onto a fear of change that you can’t control only keeps you rooted in the past. 

3 Changes that happen within us

These changes directly impact us. These changes often tell us where we are spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. The good news is, you can affect these changes and navigate yourself to change as you want. Accept these changes and guide them to where you want to be.

4 Changes we initiate

Are you letting things happen or making things happen? These types of changes are prompted by the desire to get things done. It’s instrumental in moving us from our current point to where we want to be. Make the changes happen to push yourself to your potential and stop letting the fear of change hold you back. 

Seven ways to plan and prepare for change:

  1. Expand your knowledge: If we want to be able to adapt to changes, we need to learn about them.
  2. Invest in educational resources: Get an understanding of what is happening.
  3. Develop associations with new people: Excellent team and good work make the dream work.
  4. Re-order your priority: Stop and do an inventory of your life from time to time
  5. Adjust your expectations: Come down from your high horses; what is relevant today might be obsolete tomorrow.
  6. Develop new skills: Change comes with new problems, and with difficulties comes opportunity. Learning new skills helps set us up as solution providers.
  7. Practice good spiritual habits: Instructions can be vital in mitigating the negative effect of changes and positioning for the positive impact.

The takeaway: Let go of the fear and embrace life. 

The benefits of change are what they do to human potential. Getting out of your comfort zone and environment, where there is no change, helps you maximize your abilities. Don’t fear change, embrace it. Let go of the fear of change and accept the changes in life to move forward. 

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