Organic Growth On Twitter: How Twitter Spaces Is Changing Everything

Organic growth is the number one thing all businesses want on social media. When the followers come to you for free, they not only are more likely to engage with your content and products, but you also reduce your acquisition costs. But how can you grow on Twitter? And why do you want to? 

Twitter is going to dominate social media. Twitter Spaces is what you need to focus on. Creators and thought leaders are popping up on Twitter every day. Using an attention grab can shift how and where people see you.

Increase your organic growth on Twitter.

The first thing you need to look at when trying to increase your followers on Twitter is the number of followers you have compared to the number of people you follow. You may need to drop some of the people you are following. You want to have your follower number greater than your following number. By following this formula, you will see more of the content you want to see, allowing you to connect with the audience you want to connect with. 

New in Twitter

They are making the Twitter platform easier to use so you can be on anyone’s page. You no longer need the account verification blue check mark. You can become known organically by engaging in other posts and discussions. 

How to grow on Twitter:

1 Optimize your Bio.

Have a good Bio that is clear and concise, so your audience knows exactly who you are and what it is you do. You can use AI if you need to. 

2 Pin a relevant tweet to your page.

On your page, pin a tweet that is very relevant to you. This will attract the people you are looking to connect with.

3 Use your insights

You may have more views than you think. Use the insights to evaluate what it is that people want to see. What works and what doesn’t. Create more content based on the information in the insights that tells you what resonates with your audience. The words and language you use should represent you and who you are to attract the right people. 

4 Engage with your audience. 

Engage with others without the expectation of anything in return. The more you engage with others, the more you will draw them to engage with you. You can also attract organic growth through engagement.

How to find the right people on Twitter.

The “More” button or the “Lists” button make it easier to find the people and the content you are looking for. Dial into who you want to interact with. If you want more people, you need to reach out and comment on their posts and discussions. You can also set up a room and DM your list to do pop-up rooms. Suggested For You people will pop up that are in your space. Only follow those you are interested in connecting with. Again, ensure you pay attention to your followers/following ratio. 

Optimize your Twitter account.

Tweepi” is an app that will help you manage your account to ensure that you have real followers and not bots. Following active accounts is crucial to growing on Twitter, especially for making the right connections.  

Growing on Twitter is critical this year.

Twitter is growing. Now is the time to optimize your Twitter presence, open yourself up to Twitter Spaces, and focus on organic growth. There are many tips about how to grow on Twitter, but the key thing to remember is that you should constantly be optimizing who you follow. Don’t let inactive accounts take up space. And always reflect your values in your content. 

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