How To Better Network at Events

In this article, Ramon Ray, small business expert and author of Celebrity CEO gives his best tips on how you can maximize your time at your next event. How can you network better and get more results?

Get close to the microphone so you can get at the mic quickly.

When you ask your question on the microphone, don’t spend time trying to promote your business. It is a distaste and people don’t like it. Instead, briefly say something like, Hey, my name is Ramon. And I help speakers impact more lives. Then get to your questions.

Get to the point.

Many times I make an impact just by asking the question. You don’t have to showboat and give your whole family history.

Use the conference app.

Many big conferences have conference apps. Using conference apps you can get insights on the meetups, the networking, etc.

Take lots of photos.

Take pictures and selfies. See if you can meet the host. Where are the speakers, leaders, people of influence, etc.

Live tweets.

Twitter is best for lots of posting. If you do it too much on Facebook that kind of gets annoying and you don’t wanna have your Facebook page for 20 posts.

But on Twitter, you can post 10 times a second as things are happening on stage.

And when you live tweet them, tag them. They love it.

Tag the hosts.

When I’ve finished a speech when I like to know who has tagged me and shown appreciation for my segment.

It’s not arrogance. We’re made to feel love and be loved. It goes two ways. So speakers appreciate when you’re at events, live tweet and even share the knowledge.

Show up early.

When the door opens at 9 be there at 8:30. Be there at 8:45 for a bigger event.

You may need to be there an hour early, but show up early. You just never know who you meet.

You never know who you will run into and don’t forget the power of serendipity.

When you see badges or you sense that people are there at the event, say hi.

Do you know how many connections I’ve made? How many new friends I’ve met? How many business cards I have? Or how much business I’ve gotten or gotten others?

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