Forget New Year Resolutions; Do These 3 Things Instead to Ensure Your Follow Through

Most humans set new year’s resolutions and fail to follow through. In fact, only 8% of people end up achieving them. There is a lot of negative pressure that comes with new year’s resolutions: to create them and to achieve them even when it’s not your style or you are actively burning out. New year’s resolutions may seem motivating at first, but in the long run, it seems deep inside of you there is something wrong somewhere. The pressure of wanting to complete your resolution list to feel whole is on the negative side of life and should be paid close attention to.

How to ensure your follow through on achieving goals

Achieving goals means going above and beyond to make sure you do what needs to be done for happiness, peace, good health, etc. Whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Doing something over and over again in the hope of a different result is insanity which will only lead to misery. So to avoid that, do not set a new year’s resolution; instead, choose yourself in 3 ways:

1. Intentions:

Intention simply means to have an aim or a plan. You can start by asking yourself this question: What do I want? What do I want for my health, my business, and my relationships? Reflect on the questions and write down the answers. Become more intentional about them. When you aim at something specific, you have more opportunities to hit a target. When you are comfortable with your intentions and follow through, you give yourself a chance to get a shot at success and achieving goals. It is incredibly important every day to look at what you are aiming at and act in the same spirit to achieve the goal. Intention is all about setting the right mood for your brain. Intentionality is how you move through.

2. Decide:

As Warren Buffet said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” The act of deciding simply means saying yes to one thing and saying no to every other thing. Decide to do something meaningful this coming year and do it consistently and with intention. When you do that, you have taken another step forward to achieving goals and success.

3. Choices:

Choices are all about living in the now. When you come to making a choice, you have to own your choice. Choice is making a decision based on intentions and not emotions. We need to include discipline in the choices we make because it’s a doable means of us achieving goals.

Conclusion: Set your intention on achieving goals

We all need to set the intention to choose ourselves in 2023. It’s also important to note that we need to have the ability to seek clarity on something. Most times, we don’t get clear because confusion is comfortable. You need to give yourself time to get clear on something. Being in confusion is hard, and being clear is also hard; that is why it’s important to choose your hard. Do not pressure yourself. Pick a person, habit, etc., that you want to follow through the coming 2023 and unsubscribe to everything else.

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