Unblock Your Spirt: Move Forward Into Your Best Self with Transformation Work

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, and in a lot of ways, we all just want to move forward from it. Each person or family has related to it in their own way, and some have been able to find the positives despite all the negativity.

For some people, the pandemic has been an opportunity to reset their business or build the life they want. They’ve taken advantage of the situation and come out stronger for it. Others, however, have been paralyzed by the events of the pandemic. They’ve sat at home and done nothing, just waiting for it to end.

Why can some people overcome events like this and find the positives while others fall apart and get stuck in the problem?

What is transformation work?

Transformation work requires you to take a good, hard look at who you are and who you want to be. It can be difficult and inconvenient to change your life, but following your vision and passion can be immensely fulfilling. When you surrender to your vision, you may have to give up some things, like money or security, but the rewards can be great. So ask yourself, what is your vision, and what are you willing to sacrifice to make it a reality?

You are already taking action on the things that matter to you. But is it your passion that drives you? Allow yourselves to be open to what wants to be revealed to you. Follow your heart’s desire and move forward to the life you want. The life you are meant to live and lead can inspire others with your story.

Overcoming resistance to move forward.

What does it mean to resist something? To most, it simply means to push back or oppose. However, when we speak of resistance in regard to energy, it takes on a whole new meaning. To understand resistance, we must first understand the concept of energy. Energy, simply put, is the ability to do work. It is the capacity to move matter. everything in the Universe is made up of energy, and everything has a certain vibration.

Resistance can be thought of as anything that blocks or slows energy flow; it’s how we get stuck. It is anything that prevents us from moving forward. When we resist something, we put up a barrier to prevent energy flow. When you go through personal growth and transformative work, you find these blocks in your being and then find ways to overcome or release the block. 

Why do people get stuck in the problem? 

As leaders, it’s important to be able to figure out how to get around obstacles and make things happen. Too often, people get stuck because they see problems as bad instead of learning opportunities. This mindset comes from society but also depends on each individual’s upbringing. For example, if a family is quick to anger or frustration whenever something goes wrong, that child is more likely to see problems as negative. On the other hand, if parents are perfectionists, the child may feel like they can never live up to their standards and will therefore avoid talking about problems altogether. 

Your emotions just are.

It’s important to remember that events in our lives are neutral – our interpretation of them gives them meaning. And as humans, we create our own meaning by putting everything into context and relating it to our personal experiences. We like some things and dislike others based on how they make us feel. 

The events in our lives are actually neutral events. We put meaning, feeling, and emotion behind everything. Nothing is “right” or “wrong.” Your emotions just ARE. You don’t have to operate in your emotion, but you have to FEEL and accept it.

Our relationship with the “problem.”

One thing you can do is notice your relationship with the “problem.” How do you feel? Then ask how else you could look at it. “Pros/cons” flip side. Another side.

When we encounter a problem, we often react emotionally and label it as a “problem.” This shuts off our ability to see it as something that can be changed or improved. By writing out the problem and thinking of it as an event, we can explore different ways of looking at it and find a more productive perspective.

Move forward from the patterns in your life.

It’s important to look for patterns in your life. If you keep having the same problems or experiencing the same negative feelings, it’s worth taking a closer look at why that is. Maybe there are some things you’re doing that are self-sabotaging. It’s also important to remember that everyone is just human; we get stuck sometimes. We all make mistakes, and we’re all trying our best. But if you want to have a transformation, it’s not about blaming other people for the hurt you’ve experienced. It’s about recognizing the things in your life that have caused problems and finding ways to overcome them. That means learning more about yourself and becoming more self-aware. 

Intention setting: 

As we ring in the new year, it’s important to reflect on the past year and think about what worked well and what didn’t. This will help you set realistic goals for the upcoming year. It’s crucial to remember that a new year is just another day; don’t expect a reset button. If you want to achieve your goals, you must be willing to put in the work. 

Before making a commitment, you need to set your intention. For some people, it is an internal knowing; for others, it’s a place/space you want to get into. If you want to achieve something, you must have a clear intention. Once you know what you want, it becomes easier to take the actions to make it happen. Without a clear intention, never achieving your goal is easy. The key is to focus on your intention and let that guide your actions.

Conclusion: Move forward into your best self

We all carry our past within ourselves. When faced with problems, we can either shift and look at the positives or “alternative” ways to think about something, or we can become paralyzed by the situation and not move forward. Transformation work allows us to recognize our blocks and break past them to grow into our best selves.

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