Find Motivation and Inspiration to Keep Going: You can’t lose if you don’t quit

When things are challenging, it can be hard to find motivation and inspiration to keep going on the journey you have set in life. Sometimes you may wonder how to find inspiration to keep trying. But you can’t lose if you don’t quit. This lesson is crucial if you intend to get far in life. 

How to find the motivation and inspiration to keep trying:

It can be challenging to determine whether we should exert a little more effort or if we are hitting a brick wall, but as long as you are still trying, there’s still hope. 

Get a mentor

Having someone with more experience who has gone through where you are now in your corner can rekindle your motivation and inspiration. It gives you the hope of better prospects if you keep trying. You don’t need to go through life alone and in frustration; someone out there has the solution to your “problems” and is willing to help. Find that person or group of people and apply their template.

Understand the “WHY” behind what you are doing

Knowing the reasons behind your goals can help you stay motivated even if you feel like quitting. You have an end goal and understand what’s at stake if you don’t do it. Rewrite your “why” down and return to it when you lose your motivation and inspiration to keep trying.

Think about possibilities

Our brain is naturally wired to be fearful and focus on the negativity and impossibilities in every struggle and endeavor. To succeed, you must tune your brain and mind to see positivity in every battle. See breakthroughs in that difficulty, and envision a successful outcome in that pending failure. That’s how you keep going till you are successful.

Communicate your feelings to others with like minds

When it all feels difficult, you’re drowning, and it feels like quitting is your only choice. Talking to someone close to you who can relate to what you are saying helps a great deal. Someone who can help you see what you do not see, comfort you with soothing words, and give you hope and strength to keep going.

The takeaway.

If you quit, you will never know what could have been. You must do it to know what the result will be. Learn to differentiate people from views. Allow people to contribute positively and give their opinions without polarizing others. Always remember, if you don’t quit, you can’t lose. Find your motivation and inspiration to keep pushing forward. You never know the possibilities of tomorrow. 

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