Marketing tools for small business: Optimize Your Time

When working as a solopreneur, we usually have to do all the things on our own. There are plenty of tools we can use to assist us in making our businesses run smoothly. When using these different marketing tools for small business, you want to focus on the function to see what will work best for you.

Best Marketing Tools for Small Business

Automations to save time 

When it comes to marketing automation, there are many options out there. What is essential is to know how you will use the automation. There is a difference when using it to grow and scale versus keeping track and in touch with customers and clients. To scale an app, you can use Keep for marketing automation. To be more personal when reaching out to customers, you can use Zoho CRM. It is best to use automation to help, but you do not want to automate relationships.

Task Managment for your business

Asana is a great marketing tool for small businesses. It is a task management tool you can use to ensure you are accomplishing what you need throughout your day. You put your tasks in the system, and as you complete them, you move them out, keeping you focused and on task. When you are traveling, Tripit is an app that you can use to organize your travel. Like a task management system, it keeps track of your journey and all the updates you receive. Many airlines are starting to have a similar system built in, so make sure to see if they offer it.

Social Media and Video to optimize content

Let’s look at social media and the different ways we can manage that. Magisto is a great marketing tool for small businesses. It is a video editing app you can use to edit your videos. You can use Vimeo to curate videos for a smaller audience, whether it be videos or posts you want to share. AgoraPluse is a key marketing tool for small business. You can use AgoraPulse to schedule your social media posts when you want to use the more giant platforms. This app allows you to post across all social media platforms from one centralized system. 

Communication in your business

Communication is vital in business. You need a great tool. WhatsApp is a great way to communicate. You can use the app to make voice recordings, send them to others, and send messages to your team. It works better than texting because you can use it worldwide. It enables you to encourage others as well as be able to communicate for clarification. 

Gmail is also another effective way of communicating. It provides templates and signature lines so that you can set up for all the things you keep repeating. Manychat is an app you can utilize to automate IG and Facebook messages using keywords, helping you provide information without typing it out every time.

Tacking marketing tools for small business is an app that needs to be more utilized. It is not just for shortening links but can be used to track what people want and are looking for. You can use this information to write or prepare the content you want. Once you have gathered your information, you can use a service such as the content for you. This marketing tool for small business is a game changer. You give them the knowledge and tell them the length you want, and for a monthly fee, they give you the finished article.

Key factors to Remember when Trying to Run your Business solo

  • You can only do some of the work yourself, so using tools can help your business run smoothly.
  • Automation should not replace relationships, so reach out personally
  • When using tools, the brand is not as important as the function.
  • Not all Apps are free, but the ones that cost money are worth it.
  • Make sure you know all the functions of the apps you are using to get the most out of them.

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