Manifest Your Dreams: Wanting, Knowing, and Doing

You have the power to change your life, to manifest your dreams. What is the meaning of manifesting your life? You attract what you put out. If you put out high vibration energy, you will receive high vibration energy back- positive, strong energy. So, if you want positive vibrations in your life, you must manifest that first.

There is so much power in the practice of manifestation. But, at the very core, the key to manifesting is to match our energy to the things we want. If we want to create a life filled with happiness and welcome abundance, the law of attraction states we must raise our energetic frequency to tune in with other high vibrations. 

Be the “you” you want to be.

To manifest your dreams, you have to put yourself in the mindset of the future you that already has it. Act how that person acts, feel what they feel. Be that person. When you approach manifesting from a place of feeling like you don’t have enough, that will get in your way. You have to approach it with a growth mindset. When you come from a space of lack, your mindset is subconsciously closing off opportunities for growth, abundance, wealth, and happiness. When you approach it from a growth space, you appreciate what you already have while knowing that you can have and do more. 

You never stop manifesting your dreams.

One of the big misconceptions about manifesting your dreams is that once you manifest what you want, you’re done. But manifesting doesn’t mean what you want comes to you on a silver platter. Sure, sometimes things show up out of the blue, but sometimes you must take action when the universe prompts you to. If manifesting isn’t working, it’s because YOU aren’t working. That doesn’t mean you need to struggle. Instead, it means you should be looking for, or creating, opportunities and taking advantage of them. 

Action meets with action.

Visualizing your desire is essential, but you must also meet the universe halfway through your actions. Just because you want to manifest your dreams doesn’t mean you will if your attitude or mindset is not aligned. Like attracts like, so the universe will match your effort when you put in the work. But with the ‘like attracts like’ process, that also means if vibrating at a lower frequency, you are also manifesting low-vibration thoughts.

Manifesting your dreams is up to you.

You have to give love to get love. You have to make deposits before you can withdraw from relationships. Manifestation vs. Monetization – you can make an extraordinary impact and make an incredible income. When you think about what you want to manifest, you also need to think about how you will overcome the obstacles that will come to block you from it.

It takes action to manifest your dreams. If you don’t do it, you don’t know it.

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