Make a Difference This Year: Leave a Legacy built on Relationships

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the notion that in order to create an impact or make a difference in our lives, we have to be isolated from others.

We can be mistaken that the only way for us to do something meaningful is to do it on that same level. But that need not be the case every time – we can only leave a legacy by valuing our relationships.

Leave a legacy, not just a fortune.

God doesn’t put us on this earth for all of us to be these giant leaders and make multi-millions or billions of dollars. Our purpose on this earth is not to make money.

That doesn’t mean that financial security and wealth building is wrong or bad, but it’s important to remember that our purpose in life is to leave a legacy. 

Our purpose is to leave a blueprint and an impact on this world. The world we live in today is so chaotic and dark, with so much pain and loneliness. Our purpose is to leave a little light behind; it’s to open our hearts and our minds to the people around us.

We still have a purpose and are extraordinarily valuable to this world, and sometimes it means the people in our immediate surroundings. You can’t lead alone.

Make a difference – honor your relationships

The relationships that we have in our lives are so important. The most important relationship that we have, first and foremost, is the relationship that we have with God or the higher power. 

The second most important relationship we have is the one that we have with ourselves. Our connection to and relationship with ourselves is something we dismiss so quickly. Less than our responsibilities to others do we regard our promises to ourselves.

We take our guarantees seriously and feel guilty if we break a commitment to a friend, so why do we find it so easy to break promises to ourselves?

There’s a need to take inventory and be honest with ourselves about how we are showing up in the world and how we are showing up in our own lives. 

Lastly, the third most important relationship is the one we have with our immediate family or friends. Random acts of kindness don’t necessarily have to be for strangers. They can, and often should, be with the people closest to us.

Takeaway: Make a difference  

Take this time to reflect on the 3 most important relationships in your life, your spiritual relationship, the relationship you have with yourself, and the relationships you have with others. See which areas you can do better or do something different. And take note of the ways in which you are leaving an impact on those closest to you.


  • We are not supposed to stay in negative spaces; remove any negative aspects in your relationships and your life.
  • The difference between connections and attachments: Connections give you power and next step both in business and in life. Attachments may bring us love, but they can also suck the life out of you. 
  • You cannot excel at entrepreneurship and leave a legacy alone; find the people that will cheer you on, hold you accountable, and support you. 
  • Embrace forgiveness, both with yourself and with the people in your life.

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