Love – The Word That Has The Power To Change The World Like Never Before

by Alexander Gonzalez

When we look at the state of the world today, we see a lot of divisiveness and hatred. That’s why what we need more than ever is love, and the type of love we need is “chesed.” This type of love is not just a noun, it’s a verb that requires action. 

Chesed is the true definition of God’s love for us. It’s the type of love that regardless of the other person’s actions or our own, keeps love and kindness first. We sometimes think love is “because of” (as in because you showed up or because you did something good), when in reality love is “in spite of” (in spite of the wrong you did to me, in spite of blaming me, etc.). We learn to love someone unconditionally, regardless of any wrongs done to us as a result of chesed.

The word “chesed” is mentioned 248 times in the Hebrew Bible. It means “kindness or love between people”. Alexander read some passages from the Old Testament where the word is mentioned. These were from Nehemiah 9:17, Isaiah 54:10, and Psalm 89. Over and over throughout the Old Testament, we see God keeping his covenant in spite of the discord, disbelief, and wrongdoings of his people. 

Imagine what the world would look like if we were guided daily by this kind of love. Chesed is one of the most selfless ways to love someone. Oftentimes, we are so overwhelmed by the feeling of love that we forget that love is actually sacrificial. When God sent his only son to Earth, we witnessed the highest form of chesed. He kept his promise over and over again, in spite of the actions of his people. And that’s all because of the enduring love he had for them. God doesn’t love us because we are perfect. He loves us just because. So if he can love us in spite of us, why can’t we love other people in spite of them?  

When we act in God’s enduring love, sometimes it is okay to sit down and show love and kindness like never before. Learn how to show love and kindness to everyone you come into contact with. Even if you face your ex who did you wrong, your boss who makes you feel like crap every day, or that person who didn’t invite you to lunch, don’t take it personally. Just show them love and kindness and be the walking incarnation of chesed. And here’s the cool thing: No matter what’s happening at work, in politics, or in the world, if you really act in God’s love, you will live the most joyful life. Love has the power to change this world like never before. Why? Because God is love, and we walk with chesed when we walk in his image. 

Key Points/Highlights: 

  • “Chesed” is a Hebrew word that means “kindness or love between people”. It is mentioned 248 times in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Chesed is the true definition of God’s love for us.
  • You never lose what you give freely. It always comes back, and oftentimes tenfold. 
  • Imagine what the world would look like if we were guided daily by this kind of love.
  • We walk with chesed when we walk in God’s image.

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