BWC Local Meetups

BWC Local Meetups are events are hosted by BWC community members.

They enable the community to network and learn IN-PERSON, close to home. 

Motivation, education and inspiration are shared daily on Clubhouse, BWC Local Meetups enable members to connect with other members and BWC hosts in-person.

BWC Local Meetups are hosted by BWC community members, and listed on the BWC Local Meetup schedule and are promoted to the BWC community.

How Does It Work

BWC Local Meetups are in-person events which follow a general “playbook” or script. 

These are best practices we’re looking for in a BWC Local Event to enable your event to be listed and promoted by BWC Daily.

Who can apply?

Any BWC community member can apply. 

A BWC community member means you listen to BWC on a regular basis. 

SPECIAL PREFERENCE is given active BWC hosts, who have regular segments on BWC. 

Special preference is also given BWC audience/community members who have been regular participants in BWC, indicated by jumping in and asking questions or sharing their thoughts.

What are the guidelines?

  • A quality, easily accessible, public venue that can host 25 – 50 attendees
  • Ticket prices should be no more than $99 (they can be a bit more or less)
  • We encourage a PAID event as people pay attention to what they pay for and you can ensure higher attendance rate with a paid event
  • The event should introduce BWC to attendees at the beginning of the event (10 minute or so introduction) and end of the event. Attendees should be invited to sign up for BWC Daily, and listen to the LIVE Breakfast with Champions show on Clubhouse
  • BWC Local Meetup agendas should include a clear, public, agenda with networking, informative and engaging presentations by good speakers
  • You’re encouraged to invite other BWC hosts to speak at the event (pending schedule availability)
  • You’re encouraged to invite Glenn Lundy and/or Ramon Ray to speak at your event . If they’re able to attend please provide compensation for relevant transportation and accommodations.
  • Your event should have a clear and well designed landing page. The landing page should have a clear title, agenda, names of who is speaking and location.
Benefits of Hosting a BWC Local Meetup
  • Event listed in the event BWC Daily local meetup schedule
  • Marketed to the BWC community via the BWCDaily email list
  • Opportunity to have BWC hosts, including Glenn Lundy and/or Ramon Ray speak at your event.


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