Living a Balanced Life: Consciousness Is The New Sexy

Everyone struggles to live a balanced life. Living in balance is a constant endeavor, but if you struggle to remain in balance, it could be because you lack self-awareness. How often have you given your best in a relationship, yet it didn’t work? It is not your level of experience that will impact your outcome. It is your level of consciousness. You have to be conscious of what side of life you are in. 

There are two sides to life – VIBE and MOLD. 

VIBE stands for Vitality, Intensity of purpose, Buoyancy to bounce back, and Energy. 

MOLD stands for Mountain Of Listed Disappointments. 

Learn the meaning of the two sides and how to stay conscious of yourself to remain in balance.

The Good Side: The Energy in VIBE.

While there are three other aspects to VIBE, this article focuses on Energy. Energy is the part of you that people see first, even before you speak. There are two types of energy.

  1. Feminine Energy: This is not necessarily female. When we say feminine energy, we mean that it is the energy that is more intuitive. Other characteristics of feminine energy include being introverted, creative, living in your Queerness, and having a subtle and romantic amount of self-worth. 
  2. Masculine Energy: Again, we do not mean “male,” but rather an energy that is more controlling and active. Other characteristics of masculine energy include being extroverted, powerful, a hustler, and driven to always command success. 

Amazing things happen when you live in balance with both energies. A balanced life with equilibrium in energies draws other people and opportunities to you. 

The Bad Side: The energy in MOLD.

MOLD stands for Mountain of Listed Disappointments and holds its own energy. This energy is derived from saying bad things about yourself. It is a trail of thoughts that go from one single negative thought into a line of negative experiences. How you think determines the kind of energy that will flow around you. 

Living in balance: 

Think about the energy you emit. Are you stuck in MOLD? or are you portraying only one form of VIBE energy? The key is to find balance. An even split between the feminine and masculine energies. How can you reset your mind and allow the right energy to flow? 

  1. Do the work. 
  2. Realize the problem.
  3. Investigate it
  4. List the solution
  5. Rest
  6. Take your time

Final thoughts on living a balanced life.

Don’t get too much in your head. You need to know that your beauty is different and unique to you – that uniqueness is your energy. What you build in your head can affect your energy. If you feel that things won’t work out even if you give it your best it is probably because you have tilted toward MOLD. Reflect on the words you tell yourself and determine how you can change your energy and change your life. 

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