Live Your Life by Design: 10 Things You Need to Know by Patricia Wooster & Amilya Antonetti

Living a life by design does not come naturally or by accident. Many of us have tried all kinds of personal development tactics that leave us trying to solve the wrong problems or leave us spinning in circles. We live in a world of wanting more money, time, or happiness, which are not the real issues.

Think about it… how many people do you know who have all of the money in the world but are still miserable? How many people do you know with plenty of time and still cannot get out of their own way? Or, who makes statements like, “If only I had (fill-in-the-blank), I would be happy?”

This is what happens when we look for external factors and things to solve our problems or change our life. At Designing Genius, we understand that each of us is only one behavior away from genius living. 

As we transition into a new year, we invite you to live your life by design by practicing our top 10 list for genius living:

1 The journey to success:

Success is an inward journey. If you don’t start with YOU first, nothing on the outside (money, possessions, relationships, awards, etc.) will be enough. 

2 Awareness, willingness, and discipline:

True growth requires awareness, willingness, discipline, and practice. This is required to lock intentional new behaviors into place.

3 Focus on the right things:

What you focus on grows. Feed negativity and receive more of the same in return. BUT feed positivity, gratitude, and abundance, and watch your life blossom.

4 The rules of the game:

In order to live life by design you have to set your rules. Your “Rules of the Game” set the boundaries for your engagement with others. Knowing what does not work for you is just as important as knowing what you want. 

5 Heal yourself to protect others:

What you do not heal will hurt others. This internal work allows us to break generational patterns and quit projecting our pain onto others.

6 Audit your behaviors:

Behaviors that were useful to us in the past may no longer serve us. Align your behavior with who you want to become and the life you want to design.

7 Everything has a cost:

For every shiny object, there’s a cost and a sacrifice. Know what you value, so you can choose what you hold nearest and dearest.

8 Learn to let go:

Be willing to let go of things that don’t give you what you want. Lean into the choices and mindset that give you what you want now, need, and enjoy.

9 Communication, forgiveness, and honesty:

You have to build healthy releationships to live life by design. All successful relationships need healthy boundaries, the ability to communicate your needs, and the ability to offer a proper apology.

10 Design your life:

You must design your life. If you don’t – then trust me – someone else will.

Are you ready to design the life you always dreamed of living? 

Make this the year you start growing into the person you want to be now and into the future. Remember: Success Is an INWARD Journey. If you are ready to unlock what genius living looks like to you and live a life by design, then get started by ordering Designing Genius: Success Is an Inward Journey and join our community. 

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