Live with Purpose: Life is Uncertain and Tomorrow is Never Promised So Live Today

Life is uncertain, so always strive to live with purpose. Looking forward to the future is fine, but you can’t live there. Tomorrow is never promised. So always aspire to make today count. No one likes to talk about death or bad things, but the uncertainty of life is infallible. What can you do about that? The answer is LIVE TODAY!

Here are some tips to know about living your best life:

Don’t Just Survive: 

Surviving is not the same as living. You live when you make choices you are happy with. You survive when you accept what life has chosen for you. But the uncertainty of life means you may never get the chance to live the life you want if you are simply surviving. Make a choice to live. Find what makes you happy and take the risks that come with it. Live hard. 

Live with Purpose: 

What-ifs paralyze you. The worst thing you can do is get to the end of your life and think of all the what-ifs you missed. Find your purpose and build your life around it. Live with purpose, and let go of the what-ifs. 

Share Happiness: 

Helping others brings peace and a sense of fulfillment to your life. There is no better way to live life with purpose than how you help others.

  1. Find others that you can help and build them up.
  2. Share the love whenever you have the opportunity.
  3. Go out and help people when you can.
  4. Use this holiday season to share as much happiness as you can. 

Practice gratitude: 

Living a life of gratitude fills you with positivity. Don’t live in regrets. The uncertainty of life ensures that you may not always have the chance to express your appreciation for others. Take the time now to do it. The only time you should recollect the past is when you want to learn from your mistakes and be grateful for what you have experienced. 

Prepare for the uncertainty of life: 

You will leave people behind when you go, and thanks to the uncertainty of life, you won’t know when that will be. So prepare them for a life without you. Leave behind a good legacy. And leave memories they will remember.

Start Now: 

What do you want to do next year? What have you planned to do next week? Life is uncertain, so stop postponing and start now. Anything can happen in a split second. So stop waiting and GO FOR IT. Stop being afraid. 

Be present: 

We all have loved ones we care for in our lives. Be present with the people you are with to live with purpose. One mistake you might make is living in the past or the future. Remember those with you right now – your kids, family, spouse – make time for them. 

The Takeaway: Life is short so live with purpose.

Life is uncertain. Your life can end without any preparation or any goodbyes. Some people don’t get the luxury of preparing before passing – so live can it’s your last day. What would you be doing if you knew today was your end? Think about what matters the most. Make time to build memories with your friends, family, and kids. Work hard, but play harder. 

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