How to Use Video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful way to connect with professional relationships. LinkedIn is the “no silly cat meme” oasis of social media and is mainly about professional connections and education.

Video is a powerful way to humanize and personalize your brand.

Combined together, video and LinkedIn are a powerful way to create great content that attracts your perfect customer.

The Celebrity CEO™ blueprint is all about how can you get attention for your brand, then build trust for that brand, and then, generate sales.

The focus is not in trying to get sales first but getting, attention and trust first.

Here’s how you can leverage video on LinkedIn.

Go Live

You can go live on LinkedIn a number of ways. I use a service called Streamyard to go live on LinkedIn via my desktop computer. Restream is also a great option. Here’s technical details from LinkedIn about going live on LinkedIn.

Upload Video

You don’t have to go live but you might choose to record a video and upload it to LinkedIn, after you finish it.

What makes a great video?

Some measure of consistency is good.

This doesn’t mean it has to be every week on a Thursday at 2pm, for example, but it could. But it does mean regularly post videos to LinkedIn.

A great headline.

Use a headline that captures attention. Maybe like this headline that drew you into this article.

Have substantive content.

If your audience does like you to just “chat” then do so. But what most professionals want is some clear solution to their problem.

Of course, the technical aspects of video are important – good lighting, clear audio and a decently good background.

LinkedIn is so powerful. Get to know who is following you. Be sure to follow others. Know who your core audience is and those related to that audience.

Videos you create don’t have to be long, they could be short. The key is to start. Use video to humanize and personalize your brand.

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