Life is a Game: Winners Know How to Play The Game Within the Game

Life is a game we are all playing, but how you play the game determines how far you can get. Are you playing the quantitative game, or are you playing the qualitative game? Whatever you do in life, do not joke with quality. It doesn’t matter how better, faster, or stronger the project or the product is. If it lacks quality, then it’s no good. Most people live their lives based on quantitative change, but when there is no quality, the change begins to slowly crumble.

Life is a game, and the game is all about who you know, like, and trust. The more people know, like, and trust you, the more they will pay attention to you. 

The questions you must operate with are:

  1. Do I Know you: If people don’t know, they may not be willing to deal with you. People need to know who you are, what you do, and what your intentions are for them because that is the only time they will be able to like and trust you.
  2. Do I Like You: It is not enough for people to know who you are. You need to know if people have a favorable opinion about you or you about them.
  3. Are you good: The real question is about the deal you offer. Is it good? Because if people know you and like you, but you are not offering a good enough deal, the whole idea becomes useless. You need to make sure you are offering something worth of value.

The game of sales 

When you have ticked all three questions yes and combined the power of each, business happens because that’s when sales happen. When you begin doing business with someone, you must consider what they want for their business. Whatever you are doing for a living, especially in business, it’s not about how good you are. Instead, it’s about if you can sell how good you are.

The game of life and how to play it:

We have been taught in school to be “good enough,” but what we don’t know is that being “good enough” doesn’t make your dreams come true. To become more than good enough, you need to understand that life is a game, and it is up to you to learn the rules.  

You need two things: selling and relationships. Learning how to sell emotionally and tactically, building healthy relationships, and being good at what you do generally will make you start multiplying your life results. Stay good, keep your game sharp and continue improving.

How schools set you up for failure 

  1. Schools force you to retain information but does not teach you how to apply it. Real life doesn’t care how much knowledge you retain but how well you can learn. 
  2. In school, you would be considered a cheater for using a book; however, in life, we are constantly returning to guides and books to reach success. Real life is an open-book test.
  3. In school, everyone uses the same resources to access knowledge. In Real-life, we must be creative where we gain our information and our inspiration. 
  4. In school, the best thinking restated the information told to them by the teacher. In real life, the better idea wins.

Life is a game. Know the rules.

Remember that life is a game; who you know gets you in the room, and what you know keeps you in the room. Make yourself valuable to people that are in the game. That’s when you start leveraging your connection. Leverage good connections. Ask the right questions to become successful. The best questions usually have the best insights because it takes you outside the box.

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