Level up your life: How to Dominate With Your Presence in 2023

There are three things you need to do if you wish to truly dominate with your presence this year and level up in life. The funny thing is that these three things are usually undermined, stepped on, and underestimated. 

3 factors to consider to dominate with your presence

These three components directly affect the direction which your life will take, the level you will reach, and how long you’ll live for—yes, even your longevity. So what are these three components that enable you to level up your life? 

1. Fitness

Fitness is made up of two words – fit and ness. To be fit is to have the body shape and condition that you desire. But the last part, “-ness,” is defined as the condition or state of one’s life. So when you talk about fitness, it is not about going to the gym or exercising one day a month; it is a lifestyle. It is something that you do every day, not as a responsibility, but as a condition of your life. When it comes to fitness, here are some things you need to note:

  1. Stretch your body for at least 20 minutes every week.
  2. Focus on strength-training for your arms and body.
  3. Elevate your cardio and get your heart rate pumping. 

2. Fashion

The second thing you need to do to dominate with your presence this year is to step into fashion. While fashion is all about looking good and staying amazing, it is also about being able to manifest your purpose through your style. Everyone has a unique style, and it makes a statement. It can tell who you are and how you live your life. Just by looking at how you dress, someone can derive a first impression. That is why your fashion is important. These are the things you need to know about fashion this year.

  1. Choose a power color that elevates you and your style.
  2. Wear clothes that match your body shape.
  3. Opt for fit, functionality, and style.
  4. Balance classy and sexy in your outfits.
  5. Shop with intentionality and purpose.

3. Nutrition

Finally, you need to pay attention to what you eat. As Dr. Tanjie Brewer always says, your plate should reflect your mandate. What do you want to look like? Is your plate reflecting that vision for yourself? Here are some things to do if you want to get your nutrition right this year:

  1. Reduce your intake of sodium, soda, and fast food.
  2. Stock up your kitchen with the right foods.
  3. Start small.
  4. Don’t be afraid to change the menu and have fun when you go out. 

 3 Things To Elevate Your Goal Well

Your goal well is the level of health and wellness that you currently have. If you want to achieve all the business, mental, personal, and financial goals this year, you need to be healthy. To maximize your goal will – look at these three tips;


Your direction is the course that you plan to take that would lead you from where you are to where you are going. To get your direction right, you need a GPS. Here, GPS means Gentle Press on the Soul. So while your car’s GPS would tell you to turn left or to change course if you have lost your way, your body’s GPS would remind you every time of your goal and what it is that you should be doing to get there. If you are at a party where you are served chocolate chip cookies and unhealthy snacks, your GPS will remind you of your fitness goals, and that is where you should be. 


This is about how you plan to get to your destination. You know, you don’t have to use a car, you could use a truck or a van, and you would still reach your destination – so what is your strategy, and does it work for you?

Note that you don’t have to make it rigid because things can happen along the way that can shake your plans – make it flexible and prepare for the bad days. Create the plan while making sure to balance all parts of your body. Find time for these tasks and allocate sessions to each task. So if you want to do a workout in the mid-day, specify what type of workout and how many times. However, don’t overtask your body.


Finally, the last thing you need to do is to flawlessly execute the strategy you have composed through the direction you get from your GPS (Gentle Press on your Soul). Note that if you don’t do the work daily, it is nothing, and everything you do matters every day – no matter how small. So stick to the plan. Prep yourself! You are now ready to do it flawlessly and incrementally.

Takeaway: Level up your life and your presence in 2023 

You need to strike a balance between these components, ie fitness, fashion and nutrition to level up in life. Your style makes an impression and an impact. Don’t leave your house until you wear something that makes you confident. Fashion links to health—if you want to look good in a dress, you need to take care of your health too.

If you feel good about yourself, your energy will radiate. If you don’t like what you wear, you’ll tend to hunch. But if you are confident, you will stand up straight. Detailing is important in your dressing – use this knowledge to dominate with your presence this year. 

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