Letting Go to Move On

Before going into 2023, one thing you should think about is the power of letting go. Just like a car, when you have started the ignition and have pressed the accelerator, it would be difficult to stop the car at high speed. But to get your car at that speed, you have to first remove the things that are not serving you. This article will expose the three things you have to break away and move on from as well as the three things to adopt after you have broken up with something. Ready? Let’s go!

Letting go of these 3 things to make space for the new

Have you ever seen a big store running a sale with a sign that says everything must go? It is a common practice that stores take part in so that they can take inventory of what no longer brings value. The practice is also so they can make space for incoming items that add value to their business. 

It’s about letting go of things that don’t serve you so that you can allow something powerful to begin that you would not be able to control. So what are those three things? Note that the three things would be illustrated with the items a store puts out for sale during these events.

1. The Couch – Mediocrity

Sitting on the couch – just like every other thing we enjoy doing releases dopamine from the brain to our body. It is a feel-good hormone that makes you want to sit there and not get anything done. Any sign of mediocrity in your body needs to go!

2. The Rocky Chair – Plato

Another thing you should release from your body and yourself is Plato. Just like a rocking chair, you are moving, but the movement is not getting you anywhere. It means you are not making any improvements. This is a common experience with people, and if you are not conscious of it, it can follow you over to 2023.

3. The Rug – Unintentionality

Finally, most people have that large rug that just sits in the middle of the living room, being stepped over and unnoticed. This usually happens because you give yourself reasons to remain in the background and go unnoticed. This, too, has to go.

Conclusion: Make space and bring these things in instead

The things you need to pack with you on your journey to 2023 are the opposites of the couch (mediocrity), the rocking chair (Plato), and the rug (unintentionality). They are:

  1. The Extraordinary: Stop being comfortable on that couch. Do something new today. Step away from the mundane because that is the key that will drive you to your desired goal.
  2. Elevation: The 2nd thing you need to do is upgrade yourself and your routine. Running in place will get you nowhere, no matter how tired and sweaty you become. You have to take more steps.
  3. Shake off the dust and get up: Letting go of those negative feelings that you are an outcast or that you are not enough is the first step. You are worthy of that prize, so get up, move on and go get it.

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