Let Your Light Shine: Evolving from Darkness to Light 

Life, whether you like it or not, is about evolution. Evolving from darkness to light requires you to take charge of your life and let your light shine. You either evolve into a better version of yourself or a worse version. It is a natural phenomenon that is not meant to change you but to make you more or less who you are.  

You already had the blueprint when you were born, and every decision you make impacts you in some way. How can you ensure that you evolve in the right direction? Acknowledge the darkness in your life and grow past it.  

How to let your light shine: Look into your “self” 

Self-awareness and intentionality are the keys to evolution that many underestimate. You must identify the parts of yourself that need work or change. There are many natural shortcomings for every individual.

Regardless of your progress thus far, one or more of these shortcomings can still be visible in your life. The goal is to identify them and work against them in your life. Some of them may include the following:

  • Anger
  • Combat (always ready to fight with someone)
  • Gloomy
  • Selfish
  • Apathy
  • Cruelty
  • Dangerous
  • Reckless
  • Overly calculated (it prevents you from taking risks; being overly cautious)
  • Arrogance (which comes from being overly confident)
  • Being distant
  • Being bossy
  • Childishness or immaturity
  • Foolishness
  • Grumpiness
  • Harshness, etc

Evolving from darkness to light: 5 helpful ideas

Now that you know the four ways to evolve, here are five ways to shine some light into the darkness you might have uncovered:

Use a strand of light

A light strand is not  visible enough to see your face, but you can see traces of the image. That’s the first step – seeing the outline. You don’t have to come out in the open to embrace your darkness and grow. You can hide in the darkness, but acknowledge that it’s there. Talk to people about it and how you feel about it. That sheds some light on the problem, but not on you. 

Employ a mirror

A mirror acts as a reflector that intensifies the light from a strand. This indicates the materials that can help you see the light even brighter in the real world. These materials include books you can read, documentaries, podcasts you can listen to, and so on. 

Hold up a lantern

A lantern signifies hope. It is also a sign of a request for assistance. This means that sometimes the light comes when you ask for help from people around you. Remember that your lantern can be anything other than people. It can also be things you find comforting that give you hope – like video games, a shower, etc. 

Adopt a moveable corner lamp

Since the corner lamp is moveable, it can allow you to control what you want to highlight at any time. It also allows you to see more parts of the room. In your life, try doing any activity that requires movement (in terms of place). When you travel and meet new people, you will be surprised at how much you don’t know. 

Control the direct insulation

This is your foundation, your setting. You have complete control over the situation. This demonstrates that your daily activities either make or mar your evolutionary process. Therefore, surround yourself with the people and things that give you joy in life.

Takeaway: Letting your light shine to move forward in life

Remember that life is not all about you. Take time to lift someone up so that you are not the most important part of your story. The development of skills is an underestimated way to evolve yourself in the right direction. 

Take time to learn new things to expand your career and skill set. Though it does not come naturally to everyone, you can intentionally train yourself to make people feel good about themselves in a way that does not highlight you.

You are evolving in the right direction when you’re okay with seeing others grow in their light. When you give to others, you will get more things. It’s just the way life works. But more importantly, you can guarantee that your existence is impactful. Through giving and caring, evolution takes place.

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