Let Go and Let God Guide You To Your Purpose

Before you can bet on yourself, you must learn to let go and let God guide you to your purpose. When you’re overwhelmed, avoiding what you need to do becomes easy. You can move forward only when you take the time to sit and soak in what God is giving you.

Problems are Internal, not External.

Businesses, or people, are not problematic from the outside in; it’s the inside that causes problems. This could be due to toxic leadership or a lack of focus on one’s vocation. People often operate in their avocation (hobby) instead of their vocation. They are acting as an amateur to make ends meet. But you can only become a “pro” if you live in your vocation – God’s gift to you. You have to let go and let God guide you to your purpose. And you have to sit and soak in it.

Let go of your ego so God can guide you.

We all want to develop our nonprofits and ministry and use our gifts and talents. But our ego is stopping us. Everyone deals with something, no matter what you see from the outside. Do you resist being a popular influence on social media? Who responds when someone asks you a question, the spirit or the ego? Either the ego responds, and you “react,” or your spirit takes the time to sit with the question and answer honestly.

It’s important to reframe your idea of popularity. Many people fear popularity because they see it as egotistical. But if you’re following the blueprint laid out for you, written in the bible, there’s nothing to be afraid of. God says to follow Him with a humble spirit, love, and action. When we reframe popularity, we activate our true selves. We bet on Him, not ourselves. Have faith that He will guide you to your gift and your calling. Pay attention to His actions and surrender to Him first.

Having faith is not the same as doing nothing.

You have to take action if you want to achieve your goals. Don’t just sit around and hope for things to happen for you. Letting go to let God guide us does not mean waiting for something to be handed to us. Take action and make things happen. But remember, you can’t do it alone. You need to focus on God and let Him guide you. Get up and work hard but always keep God in your sight. When you do that, you will shine. There’s more to your story than you realize; the answer is His glory.

If you put your faith in yourself alone, you will fail. However, you will succeed if you trust in God and understand He is guiding you. It’s not about being popular for the sake of being popular. It’s about being popular for a purpose. Being popular for yourself will only lead to failure, but being popular for a cause will change the world. Let go and let God guide you away from your ego and the needs of the flesh. Bet on the divine within you, the spirit that motivates you, and believe in yourself… don’t gamble with your ego. Gamble on your purpose!

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