Legacy or Inheritance – What Are You Leaving Behind?

Sometimes, it isn’t only about starting and finishing the day and your life. That is why you must think about how you plan to finish your race. There is a difference between “inheritance” and “legacy.” Both are left behind at the end. But one is more important and special than the other. 

You need to leave an impact before you go! Especially when you refer to yourself as a leader, you must refrain from becoming consumed with the temporary. Your plan or vision should not be for temporary gain, success, or heritage.  

Legacy or Inheritance – You decide!

In her book, The Well-Lived Life: Live With Purpose and Be Remembered, Lyndsay Green, a Canadian sociologist and researcher, claims that there could be more to leaving a legacy than just the commonly assumed dimension of money. “We are all leaving a legacy, whether we like it or not,” says Green. How we live each day and the effect it has on our friends, family, community, and the world, as well as how we help others get ready for life without us, make up our legacy.

One thing leads to another, but only a vision that outlives the present or lives up to eternity will qualify as a “legacy.” You need to set your watch on something that lasts forever, not just in the present. Anyone can leave an inheritance – it’s not that special. It can be $50, $60, or $100. Yes, it could be a house, a car, or even $1,000,000,000. However, no matter how large an inheritance is, it will fade over time. Inheritance fades, and legacy lasts forever.

A legacy or an inheritance – What differentiates these?

  1. An inheritance is something you leave to your family and loved ones. A legacy is what you leave for everyone.
  2. An inheritance is a temporary gain like money, assets, etc. A legacy enables permanent transformation. 
  3. An inheritance can only be left to a few people. A legacy can be left for the entire world.
  4. “Legacy” lives on after you are dead and gone, lasting through generations. At its best, inheritance can only survive a few generations.  

Ask yourself: What permanent transformation did your presence leave in others? An activity becomes an achievement. So what did you achieve with all your activities? What will others remember you for when you are gone? 

It’s not bad to make money, but you must leave things that are not temporary. People will never forget the principles, impacts, and information.

Takeaway: Inheritance or Legacy?

Inheritance can last for a long time but eventually fades. “Legacy” lasts longer. How you start is how you finish; own your life! 

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