Five Useful Lessons Learned in Life

Every day is a new day to take a lesson learned yesterday and put it to use today. Instead of living a miserable life, judging every person or behavior, change the vibration into compassion and kindness. Reflect on each lesson learned over this year. Offering compassion to someone in need of love is one way to live a happy and fulfilled life. Also, get curious about the way people act. You may be in a position to offer help. The most important thing to do is to reflect on the lessons you have learned and carry them with you. 

Each Lesson Learned Is An Opportunity To Be More Tomorrow Than You Were Today.

It’s 19 days into 2023, and we all learned a lesson in 2022 that we are taking into 2023 that is vital to who we will become. Here are some crucial lessons for 2023:

1. The Answer Is Always No Unless You Ask.

Get better at asking because if you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it. You have to be in a culture of taking risks and fearing rejection. Do not fear rejection. Instead, own it, get into it, and overcome it because every rejection is an opportunity yet unrevealed.

2. It’s Amazing How Long Things Take And Shocking How Fast Things Happen.

This is a mystery yet uncovered. It is funny how you will have to labor all day and night to be successful, and suddenly you are successful. Keep up with the pace consistently, and keep going. You don’t just decide to transform your life. It is a lesson learned that life is a mystery and learning is constant. 

3. No Matter How Things Are Going In Life, They Change Within Minutes. 

This is a critical lesson to take in. No matter where you are in life, rich or poor, you have to constantly be in the mood for reinvention and building a better life for yourself.

4. People Don’t Do Things To You. They Do Things For Themselves. 

People are so self-absorbed that they don’t notice when they are doing something that is hurting. Now, the real question is, Why do you keep getting mad when a scorpion stings you? Where are your boundaries? You can’t control what people say about you or how they perceive you. It is critical to learn this lesson. You can control yourself by offering yourself kindness, forgiveness, and peace. Know who you are and know that anyone’s opinions about you do not matter. 

5. Number one lesson learned of all time: Not Giving Up: 

If you only have one lesson learned this year, it has to be to never give up. Sometimes you must put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Do not give up. You can’t lose if you don’t quit.

Each lesson learned makes us who we are.

Remember, everyone is battling something. We all have that moment when we are struggling. If we take a moment before we judge someone because of their actions, we will live a life of fewer judgments and more happiness. Each moment is an opportunity for a lesson learned. If you are good, you can be great. If you are great, you can be epic regardless of where you are. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

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