Know Who You Are: The Magic Ingredient to Achieve Corporate Family Value

It’s essential to know who you are, as your identity is what leads to success through the fulfillment of your purpose.

What does “corporate family value” mean?  

“Corporate” refers to the business world, where things are formal and all you think about is growth in your career and business. Things that come to mind in the corporate world are sales, employers and employees, leaders, team members, never-ending goals, and related terms. 

Family is about your spouse, kids, friends, mentors, network, and connections. All the people you surround yourself with in all your relationships are your family. Finally, value is your stance on something. It is what determines what you say yes or no to. It defines what you accept and cannot accept in your life.  

So, corporate family value is the principle you use to keep your work and family lives in balance.In other words, they are the things that guide your actions toward balancing your life at work and with your family (relationships). 

Know who you are to achieve effective corporate family values

There are family values and corporate values. Today, many people carry around the wrong notion that things are either black or white, yin or yang, corporate or non-corporate. However, the key to a winning culture is to have both corporate and family values. You can grow in your career and have a successful relationship with your family and friends. There is nothing wrong with that. It is what you should strive for – to balance both worlds.

So, how can you achieve corporate family values? 

  1. Hire and fire based on character, not credentials.
  2. Train people on life skills, not job skills.
  3. Understand who you are when you go into business. The best and fastest way to do this is to eliminate who you are not. Then you can put the pieces back together to discover who you are.
  4. Do everything together (with your team and family). Trying to take on the load by yourself and dragging it behind you will only slow you down and leave you wrecked. Link hands with your team and your family, and talk about how you can reach the finish line together.  

Takeaway: know who you are

  • Attaining corporate family values is the key to creating a winning culture. It is the only sustainable way to make an impact.
  • You can only change the world if you are clear about who you are. People and things don’t follow a confused leader. 
  • You are the architect of your life. You have the power of ownership over your life. The real power comes when you can balance corporate and family values.

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