Overcoming Adversity as a Team Member: Keys to Team Success

The foundation of every great team relies on each individual team member. And team success hinges on a core set of fundamentals for group collaboration. A successful team is built on getting to know each other, finding solutions together, and solving problems together.

Handling adversity as a team member

You must be able to handle the rollercoaster ride of life if you want to evolve. Life is full of highs and lows, but the common one prepares you for the thrills of life. Adversity produces creativity. The greater that is, the more hardship you have and the greater creativity that comes. You develop the characteristics needed for long-term success as you go through the lows and highs of life. 

5 principles to long term team success

Recruit based on culture.

Don’t just bring in random folks but people who can help in your particular area of needs–people who know enough about your culture and can adapt quickly to it enough to stand out for excellence. Recruitment is a critical factor in achieving team success. Take out time to examine potential team members before signing them up. You don’t want to bring in someone whose fundamental principles and values don’t align with the team’s set objectives.

Overcome significant hurdles with your group.

When faced with challenges, please do not go into isolation to find the solution. Let each individual team member be actively involved in brainstorming sections; this helps build capacity, unity, and trust among the team members. 

Finding a mentor.

A mentor with a module you can follow helps you succeed quickly, as there’s a clear path to follow. The team member is only as good as the leader, and the leader is only as good as the adversity they’ve been through. There are tests and temptations in this life, and the easy way to pass is to find someone who has gone through them. This is key to finding team success.

Don’t coast through on your past success.

Don’t sleep in the trophy room. It would help if you didn’t focus on your past success; it’s a great enemy to your future potential. Setting sights on your past success hinders you from being hungry for success. Believe that there is more to achieve and look forward to it.

Build character with a sense of purpose

It helps you know who you are, what you have, and what you can do together as a team. If each individual team member has character and a sense of purpose, it’ll make coming together as a team easier.

Takeaways: Team success is found in overcoming adversity together

Team unity is essential to overcome adversity, and it’s how they handle that adversity that determines whether or not they will find team success. A team that knows how to dig deep and persevere is more likely to find success.

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