Jesus as a Leadership Role Model: 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Jesus can be considered one of the greatest leadership role models ever. The practices of exemplary leadership discussed here can help any business owner fulfill their purpose by creating massive impact and a useful legacy. 

In his short term on earth, Jesus traveled through 22 different cities. The inspirational part is that he walked through these different cities, spreading his message worldwide to make a global impact.

He faced different challenges: being betrayed by the people he trusted, rejected by his own, accused of different atrocities, and being deserted by his disciples. Jesus was beaten, hung on a cross, and ultimately sacrificed his life.

Interesting to know that he also walked over 3125 miles to deliver one clear message – one truth – that is still impactful today. 

Jesus as a Leadership Role Model: How to be the best version of yourself?

If you haven’t taken time to dig up your values, what you cherish, and your pursuits, you need to do that before the year runs out.

Jesus, despite the persecution, challenges, and problems, didn’t deviate from his purpose. He pursued it passionately, even when his life was at stake.

There is enough distraction in this world to keep you from achieving your full potential. There are enough distractions around you that can strip you of your potential. This can take the form of wasting valuable hours watching Netflix or mindlessly scrolling through social media platforms to divert your attention away from the ultimate goal of living a purposeful life.

Leadership role models know how to filter through life, identify that which resonates with them, and pursue it. Emulating the practices of exemplary leadership will help guide you in this regard. 

Lessons from leadership role models: 5 practices of exemplary leadership 

  • Every day, get up with a plan for your business, life, and overall well-being.
  • Take action; don’t wait for the perfect moment or the right time. Avoid distraction.
  • Learn and upgrade yourself. Evolve constantly to become the best version of yourself.
  • Strive to create impact for others. Tailor every of your decisions to positively impact peoples lives. Leave a meaningful legacy.
  • Practice togetherness: bring people of different races, religions, and cultures together.

These core values help you filter through life and make sound decisions. You should use these values to judge everything you do; the number of boxes it checks determines your actions.

Takeaway: 5 practices of exemplary leadership

Find one thing you are passionate about, and you can be the best at it while it drives your economic engine. When you surround yourself with the right individuals and stick to your values, purpose becomes clearer and making a massive impact becomes easier.

Jesus, as an outstanding leadership role model, understood this principle, which is why he looked for the right people, or disciples.

He preached a singular message, kept his values intact, and made a massive impact still felt thousands of years later.

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