It’s Your Time To Shine – Share Your Story to Make It Your Best Year

Nothing is more important than knowing who you are and acknowledging your time to shine by sharing your story. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to never give up. It is time to continue to live your best year and focus on how you will make next year even better.

It’s your time to shine: broaden your horizons.

The best way to grow is to curate your story and then take massive action. Lean in on what you know and what you need to do. Be open and able to pivot. When people cannot shift, it is because they don’t have the skills to make the changes. Self-development is vital to your growth and to developing your skills.

Mindset is everything. With the impending recession, we must prepare our mindset to keep expanding. Look at the relationships we have formed and learn from them. Always keep learning so that you can level up. Prepare yourself so that you are ready to jump on opportunities when they arise. You do not need the approval of others to soar because the power is within you. Remember, “Closed mouths don’t get fed.”

Lean into your purpose and share your story

Write your story line by line and word by word. Know your purpose. Sometimes you may fall short, but you have to keep going. Reach out and lean on your community. Let today be the day you break free by awakening your inner giant. We all have moments when we doubt ourselves. Keep yourself open to taking on challenges, so you don’t limit yourself. Laugh and stand up for yourself even when others tell you what you can’t do. Find the mentors that will get you where you want to be. It is ok not to understand, but do not be afraid. Get out of your comfort zone and share your story.

Activate your time to shine using the CRUSH formula 

C – Clarity: When you have clarity, you act with precision and certainty.

R – Resources: Have honest conversations about learning from others.

U – Underline: You emphasize your “why” when you underline it. 

S – Show up: “Shut up and listen.” You cannot learn if you constantly talk, so take the time to listen.

H – Heart: Have the heart not to quit by being intentional.

Wrap up and get all in. Make it the best year, and stay focused. It is your season to rise and soar; it’s your time to shine. Do not chase but rather attract. Build relationships and create space for growth. Keep going and make the magic happen. Then reach out and share your story.

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