It’s An Attention Economy: How Are You Getting Attention?

It’s an attention economy out there, as it can’t denied that our capacity for attention is capped, especially in this age of information overload. Let’s face it: we have an excess of content and events which are competing to grab our attention. It’s important for business owners to understand how to get attention from their customers and create a significant impact in an attention economy.

7 “F” Factors to Success by Renee Knorr

Success is not about degrees or titles. You can move mountains and gain attention even if you have nothing, as long as you live your dreams. But you can only accomplish something or get attention if you stay focused and work on honing your recipe for success. For the dish to be successful today, you need certain ingredients and procedures. Here is a full guide to the ingredients and procedures for cooking up success and making your dreams a reality.

There are seven “F” factors which, when combined in the right proportions, lead to success: faith, focus, financial literacy, fitness, fashion, flourish, and fun. Let’s discuss these:

  1. Faith: Preparation and Action are the greatest acts of FAITH! However, prayer is not a substitute for your work ethic. Remember that preparation and action are the greatest acts of faith. God gives you the ingredients, not the cake. You must get up and make the cake, however you like it.
  2. Focus: Know your purpose and work on achieving it. Eliminate fear, or rather, fuel it into focus.
  3. Financial literacy: Train yourself to focus on accumulating assets, not liabilities. 
  4. Fitness: Exercise regularly. Find ways to keep your body and mind in shape. Meditation and an attitude of gratitude can help improve your mental aptitude.
  5. Fashion: Don’t substitute fashion. You’ll attract the best if you treat yourself like a 7-star luxury brand. 
  6. Flourish: Work on your goals and looks for ways to lead a fulfilled life. Make your values concrete. Maintain your focus on what you stand for at all times.
  7. Fun: Don’t forget to have fun. Make a list of what you enjoy and do it. 

Preparation and Action are the greatest acts of FAITH! 

If you have gathered all seven ingredients you need, you can move on to preparing yourself, your career, and your life for success. Adding these steps to your daily routine will gradually bring you closer to making your dreams a reality. The steps to success, therefore, are:

  1. Stay focused on your WHY and committed to your personal development. Pay attention to the details of your life because you are the judge and determinant of how it will pan out.
  2. You owe it to yourself to believe in and go beyond your visions.
  3. Stand by those that celebrate, inspire, and motivate you. Remove those that don’t.
  4. Know your values and write them down. That will determine what you can and cannot tolerate. It also tells you what you should and should not worry about.
  5. Please write down your mission and run with it. 
  6. Finally, get to work on yourself. Start at the beginning. 
  7. YOU, not anyone else, determine the first step in your life.

Takeaway: Getting attention in attention economy

One important thing to ask yourself is how you pay attention and whether you’ve employed the right strategies in your life and business to get noticed in the best possible manner. No matter what you face in life, keep inspiring yourself and others around you.

Remember to:

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  • Never underestimate yourself. Take out a sheet of paper and write down “I am” (your superpowers). What you tell yourself about yourself matters. 
  • If you don’t have a plan of action, the year will go by fast with nothing done. 
  • Don’t pray for things you should be working for. Instead, go to work for them. Get busy to make your dreams a reality.

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