Get Ready for Success: The Power of Preparation in Achieving Your Goals

Preparation is making yourself available for the best opportunity. It is being made ready for use and getting prepared to be the best at something, to plan for success. When you get ready for something, it’s easier to do it.

All professionals are usually ready ahead of time. To be prepared involves getting ready and doing your homework before the game begins. Nobody goes into an interview blank; you go in there having researched the interviewer, company, and possible questions that could come up.

Nobody gets to the top of the ladder without adequate preparation. Preparation helps you get to the top and stay there.

Three reasons why preparation can help you achieve success

If we plan for our success consciously, when we put in the work and the preparation now, the less work we have to do in the future, and the more our subconscious minds can be engaged. It is at this stage that the concept of luck comes to play.

Preparation grants you peace of mind.

What has been expected comes gently. The more prepared you are for anything, the more easily you can handle it.

Suppose you train for the race; it’s easier to run the race. When you get ready and work to be prepared for tests, it helps you write from a place of rest. Over-preparation brings you peace because you know you can handle whatever comes. Even if you don’t want to do something, preparing for it helps you take it.

It makes you more ready than your competitors.

Not everyone prepares adequately, and becoming the exception helps you stay ahead of them.   There’s a 20-80 rule in life, with the 20% divided into 5% (Exceptionally prepared people) and 15% (People who qualify enough to get going). The 80% are individuals who are lazy about their business and life.

80% of people are not going to be prepared enough; being part of the 20% helps you scale faster in business, life, and relationship in general. When you show up, and your competition doesn’t, it creates an amount of separation between you. It’s almost immeasurable initially, but the separation becomes more obvious with time. This requires discipline and consistently showing up over time.

It gives you psychic powers.

When you plan for success and are prepared, it helps you give your mind a break. When prepared, your brain or mind has little or no questioning. It doesn’t ask questions about what to or not to do. Much of the work has been done in preparation. Your mind now gets to see other things that are going on. Preparation helps your mind deal with other stuff and handle It carefully.

This is why we get insights in moments when we are relaxed when we just woke up or have taken a bath. Preparation helps our subconscious mind gets to work; it brings things to us that wouldn’t have appeared normally. The subconscious is where ingenuity takes place, and this subconscious can’t work when the conscious is in overdrive. We prepare so that the conscious can get out of the way and the subconscious can get to work.

How to get things into your Subconscious

Get Emotional about it – Emotions get deep-rooted into our souls and make us do things we naturally wouldn’t do.

Keep thinking about it/repetition – Having a consistent pattern of thoughts helps you get it ingrained in your subconscious so that there’s a manifestation of it even when you weren’t expecting it to play out—this is why words of affirmation and positive reinforcement are essential, especially in order to plan for success.

Conclusion: Preparation is the foundation for success

Preparation and routine help you get in shape for insights and inspiration. When your focus is to be prepared, and you think about a situation first when you are in it, then your reaction is the best. Preparing ahead, practicing, and simulating for something helps you react better to it.

Your confidence is at its highest when you prepare. Confidence comes from discipline. Mindset determines how we see ourselves and look at the world from our perspective. Adequate preparation helps us plan for success and build the confidence to charge higher for our skills, goods, and services.

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