How to Live Your Best Life: 5 Ideas to Step in the Right Direction 

Even though life seems very long, it can feel very short, given that you can only live a day once. It’s important to know how to live your best life, given that there are no replays in life and, more importantly, every decision has a ripple effect. It’s important to step in the right direction with every action on our behalf, as this is what determines our future course. This also means that the 90-year-old “future you” would be stuck with the decisions that you make now. In that case, your decision today is very important as it dictates your future.

How to live your best life: 5 concepts to embrace and utilize

Ask yourself this question: “Will your 90-year-old self be grateful for your choices today regarding eating, spending, investments, work, relationships, and so on?” 

If the answer is yes, then you are good to go. There is no need to change anything. Keep doing what you are doing and being great at it. If the answer is no, then you have some work to do. These five concepts help you step in the right direction:

The power of compounding 

This is the accumulation of things over time. What you do each day, compounds consistently over time to become a great accomplishment. Read 10 pages daily, and you would have read 43 books in 3 years. Eat a bar of chocolate daily, and you will gain 39 pounds in 3 years. Good or bad, whatever decision you make today consistently gets compounded into a bigger impact over time.

Avoid procrastination. Do it NOW. 

Small tasks, as easy as they are to do, are also easy not to do. Naturally, our brain underestimates small tasks and hence we tend to procrastinate over them. But every time you procrastinate, you slowly drift away from your drive to do it. If you are supposed to write something in your journal in the morning but skip it till night, you will likely not do it at night or the next day. 

Smaller tasks lead to monumental success

Commit to making smaller choices rather than bigger ones. Huge tasks are scary and less likely to be fulfilled. For instance, if you tell yourself that you want to save up to $50,000 by the end of the year, it might sound like an unachievable task. But if you tell yourself to save $120 daily (which will amount to the same thing), it is more achievable. 

The same goes for ambiguous tasks like “I want to build more muscles” or “I want to pass my test.” By committing to smaller tasks, like a gym appointment twice weekly or studying two pages daily, you would be closer to your goal to fulfill your purpose.

Using the Law of Attraction the right way

What does that law of attraction mean to you? For many, it means constantly thinking about one thing until it magically appears. This concept is not only untrue but also unrealistic. The true meaning of this law is that whatever you fill your mind with, your brain will automatically attract, making it simpler for you to make that choice. 

So if you keep thinking about getting a new job, your brain will begin to draw information about jobs from the news, social media, or conversations. With so much information available, you have the platform to take action. Remember that the difference lies in taking action. 


A rather straightforward concept, “garbage in, garbage out,” states that what you feed yourself with is what your life starts to portray. What you read, listen to, or eat determines how your life will turn out. Positive or negative, the concept remains the same. So take note of what you feed yourself, and you will take care of your life.

How to live your best life: Step in the right direction

Your brain draws in information constantly, whether you like it or not. What you do with that information will determine whether you change or remain the same. The easiest way to live your best life is to act now. Start something today that will benefit your future. It does not have to be large; something small will result in significant change over time.

No matter how you feel about something, take full control of your emotions and do it right away. Decide today not to procrastinate in order to complete more tasks tomorrow. Write down two simple things you want to stop and start doing today. Split your goals into daily achievements to help you meet them better.

Re-evaluate your daily choices to gauge if they help you step in the right direction. Choices like the food you eat, the words you speak and listen to, the friends you keep, and what you do every day affect your life.

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