Discover the Power of God’s Promises: How to Stay Faithful and Live a Fulfilled Life

To enjoy God’s promises, you must learn to live by faith, not sight. God’s word is not a one-way action; the listener must respond with faith and action to bring it to fruitfulness. God is faithful in keeping his end of the bargain; are you faithful enough to keep your end of the bargain?

Our future depends on if we can believe in the promises of God. If we do not stand firm in the faith, we will not stand. Faith should be the foundation of everything you do next year. Believe within yourself that God’s assurances are enough to take you through the new year and beyond.

How to believe in and live on God’s promises

God’s plan is not always yours, and his ways are different, so you need patience and faith to enjoy all of God’s goodness. Here are ways how to live on the promises of God.

Reject Doubt

We cannot expect to experience the manifestation of God’s words in our lives if we are in disbelief. Unbelief and doubt set in, leading to the hardness of the heart. Believers have access to God’s promises, not unbelievers! The key to unlocking these assurances is to trust and obey Him. Do not forget that God rewards FAITH, not disbelief!

Combine faith and God’s promises

Faith is the ability to bring the assurances of God from the spiritual realm into the material one; it is the conviction that you already possess what you are praying for.

God offers His promises to everyone. Who will be blessed by His assurances? That depends on the faith of the individuals. We must exercise caution to prevent our hearts from becoming stony or letting doubt enter. If we are faithful, obey, and maintain a loving heart toward Him, his assurances are ours to have.

Always confess God’s promises

If you desire to make good on God’s promises, your words MUST agree with His word. An effective way to agree is to confess these words; promises. Your mouth was created to move mountains and not to be influenced by mountains. 

Practice thankfulness

Being grateful to God and having a cheerful mind helps you lean better on his assurances. You can face each day with the assurance that God is with you in all your endeavors.

Conclusion: Staying faithful can transform your life

God’s plan is not always yours, so it’s important to remain patient and faithful to enjoy all of God’s goodness. You can trust the promises of God for excellent success. 

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