How to Scale Your Business: Introduce Automation in Your Business

“How to scale your business” is one of the top-ranking searches on several search platforms and forums. Defining and implementing systems in place, and introducing automation in your business is key to growth and success.

Through automation, you are able to streamline your processes, increasing your overall efficiency.

How to Scale Your Business: two steps to achieving growth

For all of us, our most valuable resource is our time and attention, especially when it comes to building and scaling our business. It can get easy, though, for us to get caught up in busy work and tasks that take our focus away from what is really important.

Here are two steps that can help you scale your business:

1. Define and set systems in place

Everybody has a process that can help expand their business. The first step in fixing that is building a system – or systems – that supports your existing process. The systems are how you scale. They serve as the essential building blocks that support your business as a whole as well as the growth of your business. 

Having effective systems and processes will help your business be more consistent and productive. Overall, they will enable your business to reduce costs and achieve growth. Great people working with poorly designed systems usually lead to burnout, or worse, to a situation where the business fails to deliver despite your best efforts.

Some examples of efficient systems include Asana, Trello, and Google Tasks.

2. Introduce automation in your business

Once you have proper systems in place, the second step is automating the processes through technology. This will ultimately scale you and your business, helping you to serve the masses. Having automation tools in place saves you and your team time to not only focus on more valuable work, but it also enables you to be more data-driven and more effectively track your ROI.

For example, once you sign up for the BWCDaily newsletter email, there is a link in every edition of the newsletter with a link that allows you to click if you only want to receive the weekly edition instead of the daily one. You click the link, your name is already in the system, and it changes you automatically from daily to weekly.

Some of the best automation tools for CRM automation are Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, and Hubspot. These serve as useful lead and contact management tools as well. 

Takeaway: How to scale your business

Through automation, you are able to streamline your processes, increasing your overall efficiency. Remember that automation doesn’t mean you aren’t there or that you don’t care. This is how you use technology to scale yourself.

Next, build in FOMO to scale your event or your program. Learn to delegate and empower your team. You should be moving yourself out of a fixed mindset by elevating your team around you. Elevate yourself and others around you as you grow and scale with a growth mindset.

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