How to Practice Gratitude Daily to ‘Crews’ Beyond Limits

Everyone is really grateful during the week of Thanksgiving. People tend to be more friendly and present this time of year. That’s great, but why Practice Gratitude every day? Krytalore Crews share her three pillars of Crews Beyond Limits to improve your gratitude every single day.

The three pillars of Crews Beyond Limits are Fitness, Mindset, and Community. These pillars are intertwined. You can’t have one without the other. If one is compromised, they are all compromised. Instead of being in a place of envy, judgment, or comparison, put yourself in a position of gratitude. Sometimes it’s more challenging than it sounds, but Krytalore has some tips to help you get there. It all starts with flipping the script.


Gratitude in fitness improves physical health, mental health, and sleep and reduces fatigue. You are calmer, relaxed, and positive when you are grateful. 

How to flip the script: Build a foundation of acceptance and appreciation for yourself. Acknowledge something you can be grateful for the body you have now. What has your body accomplished for you? Be thankful for every step you have taken instead of focusing on where you still have to go. 


Gratitude helps you maintain a positive mindset and decreases burnout. When you have a positive mindset, you have a different energy than when you live in envy or comparison. When you allow yourself to live in a positive mindset of possibilities, you take more risks and chances to try the hard things. 

How to Flip the Script: Look at your resume to remind yourself what you have accomplished. Be grateful for the things you have had the opportunity to do, for yourself for trying new things, and for your success. 


We are not meant to go through life alone. Community builds you up, supports you, helps you push forward, and brings you success. When you start to spiral into negative thoughts, your community pulls you out and refocuses you. Your community also holds you accountable for your goals.

Showing gratitude in your community improves relationships and reduces conflict. 

How to Flip the Script: Show gratitude today by Sending a message, sending a gift, or sending positivity on social media.  

How to Practice Gratitude Daily

Gratitude can help you shift your focus from envy, comparison, or judgment to help you remain positive and reach your goals. But it all starts with you. Allow yourself to be grateful for your accomplishments and where you are now. Once you do that, you can show gratitude to others around you. Gratitude in your community can improve relationships and lead to new opportunities. Find someone every day to share your gratitude with.

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