How to Plan for Setbacks: Success Power vs. Willpower

The new year has started, and we all have goals to reach by the end of December, but how do we prepare for setbacks? We all want to accomplish our goals and have the willpower to do them. However, to ensure success, you must plan for the inevitable setbacks life will throw at you. You will wear many hats within your business. Build your resilience muscle. Your motivation is tied to your “why,” so make sure it is significant to you in your life.

6 Types Of Support To Ensure Success

You may have goals and want to change but need more resources to help you. This is why a community is critical to reaching your goals and supporting you to get up from a setback. Here are 6 things to look at when finding your community.

1 Motivation 

Motivation is vital to achieving any sort of goal. We will have our ups and downs and may even want to quit, but if you have the right people in your corner, they can cheer you on. We all want someone to see our accomplishments and celebrate them with us.

2 Personal ability

Learn new skills that you need to succeed. Most of us can’t achieve new goals without some learning and adequate motivation involved. You don’t have to learn all on your own. You can find someone to teach you or coach you through new skills. Or, you may have to hire someone to teach you the skills. They will help you when you fall.

3 The right friends 

You need the right friends in your corner to help you. For accountability, you need to find friends who will encourage you and hold you accountable for your goals. Sometimes you may have to hire a coach that will be your accountability friend.

4 Social Ability: 

In business, you may lack the social standing or ability to make certain goals a reality. Find people who can add support to your business and also get you up from a setback. If you can’t make it happen, then you should hire someone that does. You can also learn the skill from them as they help you. 

5 Rewards And Incentives 

Know the awards you want to receive, degrees you want to achieve, or the paycheck you would like to receive. You need a team that will help you to make things happen. Hire a team that will help you to make things happen. It may be a coach or an assistant. Start somewhere because you can’t do it alone.

6 Structural Ability

Make good behavior easy and bad behavior hard. Make the bad decisions hard by eliminating the temptations that will stop you from achieving your goal.

The takeaway: Plan for your setbacks by finding the right support.

Know the milestone you want to achieve and become unstoppable. You can make anything happen when your goals are big, and you have the right support to guide you. Are you doing things you are passionate about or doing it because others are telling you what you should be doing? What you are doing should light you up. Your purpose drives your motivation. When you know what lights you up, take the action that helps you move on from setbacks, and also get you in the right direction toward achieving your desires. 

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