How to Not Give Up: 3 Strategies Successful People Use to Prevent Quitting on Goals

While pursuing a worthy goal, it’s almost certain that you’ll feel overwhelmed or burdened and will be tempted to give up. Business owners need to understand how to not give up since success comes from a place of persistence, faith, and consistent action. It’s crucial to change your mindset and tap into how successful people think. What ordinary people consider challenges, successful leaders consider learning opportunities.

Avoid the temptation to quit on your goals: know your “why”

As we head into the next year, many of us think about our business goals for 2023. So, do you have a business goal for 2023? If you have one and you believe you can do it, why haven’t you already done it? In most cases, there are two chief reasons for that: your “why” and your beliefs. So what can you do to prevent quitting on your goals and dreams? 

Most people believe that a lack of discipline and poor time management are the chief reasons they give up on their goals. But is it really a lack of discipline? The real reason most people give up on their goal is they don’t have a strong enough “why” attached to it. This is how successful people think: a strong reason leads to strong results. Why? Because a powerful “why” always exceeds the minute-by-minute temptations for distraction and the lack of discipline. 

Understand what drives you, and take action

Everything we do in life is driven by our desire to avoid pain and gain pleasure. What’s the first thing that happens after you set a health goal and start going to the gym? You may feel physical pain and fatigue initially, but that’ll only last a few days or weeks. As soon as we set a goal to better our lives, the first thing that we feel is pain, not pleasure. That is the reason we need a strong “why” attached to our goals. If our “why” is powerful, we will persist despite the pain. But there’s more to it. As soon as we shift our focus onto others when it comes to our “why”, everything changes. If you set a goal that would serve others well, you’ll walk through fire to reach it. 

Then, you need to believe you are capable of achieving your goal. If you set a goal but don’t believe it is possible to achieve it, you are not going to take enough action. No action leads to no results. Here’s the thing: When you set yourself a goal and don’t get results, your brain forms a new pattern that impacts your future behavior. Conversely, if you believe you can do something because you’ve done it before, your brain triggers subconscious reinforcement toward achieving your goal. 

How to not give up: 3 strategies successful people employ

Your subconscious, ingrained beliefs are the silent enemy when it comes to achieving your goals. What the mind conceives and believes, it achieves. So how can we “fix” our wrong beliefs? There are three strategies you can apply:

  1. Visualize your goal. Visualize your ideal outcome every day until it becomes reality.
  2. Audio suggestion. Repeat your goal in your mind so frequently that eventually, your mind rejects any other reality than the one in your project.
  3. Replace all the random questions in your mind with quality questions. Replace “why can’t I” with “how can I”.

Ask for help from trusted and capable sources. When you collaborate, you become capable of more, thus growing in business and in life. When every thought that is stopping you from taking action always stems from the question, “Why can’t I?” But when we replace it with a “How can I?” question, everything changes. This way, we are directing our brain to only consider answers that support our goal. Implement these three strategies consistently until you start seeing results.

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