How To Move Through Stagnation And Stagflation

Stagnation is a state of not moving or flowing. Stagflation is a social science term coined during the recent recession crisis. Both terms reflect feeling stuck in life. People are starting to feel stagnant about the goals they set to achieve, and as a result, many of us fail to invest in our goals. A reason for stagflation is comparison. Not everything on social media is accurate, and we often feel pressured to compare ourselves to what we see on the internet. We have difficulty reminding ourselves that social media is not real life. This results in feelings of jealousy toward others and frustration with ourselves. So the question remains how to beat stagflation and stagnation?

Dr. Shawn Shapiro shared a few tips on how to relieve yourself from stagnation and stagflation.

  1. Drinking Chinese Tea is known to relieve stress.
  2. Improving your diet.
  3. Improving your hydration.

We store so much in our bodies that sometimes we forget to take it easy on ourselves and relax. Like the stagnant liver, there can be other reasons in the body responsible for stagnation. With the number of chemical reactions in our bodies and the physical stress we face daily, we are likely to become stagnant, affecting the goal for achievement. 

Feeling stuck in life at some point or other is unavoidable. We all have the mechanism to control stagnation. It is essential to have a mind-body connection to remind us of our reality and the little things we should be grateful for. 

How to beat stagflation:

  1. Becoming Relentless: When you are relentless, you are unstoppable and cannot fail.
  2. Surround Yourself With Like-minded People: surround yourself with a tribe that will motivate you and holds you accountable for your daily actions towards achieving your goals.

Tips On How To End Stagnation

  • Prioritize Your Self-care: If you can do one thing to make your health and everything around you easy, start prioritizing self-care. Do one thing to make your day better and desire to be there for others to show up as your best self.

The takeaway: Overcome feeling stuck in life

Feeling stuck in life is part of living. We all have moments of stagnation. But you must remember that this is only a phase. Remember the tips on how to beat stagflation and overcome stagnation. The things you measure success as are tangible, but where the real value is in the intangible things. Focus on the valuable things that will help you achieve your goals. Do the repetitions. Get up and do the one thing that will make you better every day to build on the next thing. Do not allow yourself to be drowned. Keep moving forward despite the little things that keep getting in the way.

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