How to move forward in life

The Process of Deciding, Committing, and Resolving.

At some point, everyone feels stuck or unable to move forward in life. Everything starts with a decision. All of your life spans from the decisions you make but you can only make progress once you commit to it. The answer to how to move forward in life lies in your ability to do three things. Decide – Commit – Resolve. 

How to Move Forward in Life: Decide

It is not just about making a random decision – that’s where the mistake can set in. It is about making the RIGHT decision. How can you do that? Set the decisions based on your purpose and passion to move forward in the right direction. 

Your passion is that uncontrollable desire within you, your drive. It wakes you up in the morning and get’s you going daily. It is still possible to discover your passion or purpose. Ask yourself the following questions; 

  • What do you want to do in your life? 
  • What can you decide to you every day till you retire? 
  • What do you love to do? 
  • What drives you even when you are unmotivated to do anything? 
  • What is that one thing that does not have you overthinking before you do it? 

The answer to those questions is your passion; it’s your purpose. So make two decisions today – what you will start or stop doing to move closer to your goals and purpose. Then create the next external action steps for your choices, and clarify how they will create lasting impressions in your life. 

Next Step to Move Forward: Commit

Before you can move forward in life, you have to commit. The one thing that differentiates a doer from a dreamer is commitment. Commitment is what sets you off from the point of realization to actualization. People do not follow an uncommitted leader. And while commitment is hard for almost everyone, there are four things you can do to make things easier.  

  1. Write it down on paper. You are 42% more likely to complete a goal when you have it written down.
  2. Be willing to commit from your heart irrespective of the mood or the situation of things around you.
  3. Take actions (baby steps or giant steps). Action is the measurement of commitment. Do something daily
  4. When you face obstacles, don’t sit there. Stand up and move on. 

The Final Step: Resolve

This is the final stage; you can also congratulate yourself when you are here. You have successfully decided to correct your mistakes, you have committed to those decisions, and you have finally resolved the error. This is where you see how to move forward in life. 

Two Possibilities You Should Watch Out For

Don’t be a ‘Hold-Out’ and a ‘Drop-Out.’ 

A ‘Hold-Out’ is a person who doesn’t think they can reach their goals, so they don’t even try. Remember what Nelson Mandela said: We don’t fail. We either win or learn from it. 

A ‘Drop-Out’ is a person that started well and high. But when things get tough, they quit in the face of challenges. Know this; Quitter can never have a shot at winning. So don’t give up. To move forward in life, you must keep moving physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Instead, be ‘All-out’ for the challenge to commit. Be ‘Sold-out’ to the idea of commitment and evolving. One way to go all out is to be a part of this challenge by clicking the link here.

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