How to Make Better Decisions: Lessons Learned From Getting Sick

Learning how to make better decisions is crucial for each one of us. Sickness isn’t always a setback; it also gives us a chance to pause and reflect on the lessons taught by life during this phase. Confucius once said, “A healthy man desires a thousand things, but a sick man desires only one.” You tend to think about a few things that reset your mind and help you move forward when you sit and think only about getting well. 

How to make better decisions: five useful ideas

Making decisions is an important part of progress. Those who take their time deciding will take their time moving forward. But, as simple as it sounds, making a decision can be frustrating, confusing, and exhausting. To make the best decision:

  1. Think back to a time when you went through something similar.
  2. Think about what you did and how you felt afterward. If you are happy about your decision, nothing stops you from doing it again.
  3. If you’re unhappy with your choices, consider the alternatives.
  4. Weigh the risks of these options and dismiss other people’s opinions. 
  5. Although it is only sometimes certain that this decision will be perfect, you can be confident in what you have chosen to do and thus move forward more quickly.

There is more than one important lesson taught by life during sickness. However, you can access these lessons without being sick:

Know where to focus your attention

Imagine a large ring drawn on paper with two dots inside the circle. If you focus too much on those two dots, the circle will gradually fade away until you only see the dots. That’s what happens when you lose sight of the big picture and focus solely on the negatives. What you focus on expands. You’ll only see the sickness and the immediate feelings if you concentrate on them. However, if you take the time to look around and notice other things, you will realize there is always a bright side to every situation. Everything that happens to you is meant to happen to you. Also, it only lasts for a while.

Always learn from yourself

Time and maturity are powerful catalysts for change. They provide insight into oneself, growth, and the future. Your previous self went through some stages and made some mistakes. However, until you resonate with and reflect on those moments, they will remain there, carrying all the precious gifts of self-healing and growth. 

So take a moment to reflect on your life, sit quietly, and allow your mind to recall lessons taught by life in the past. Examine who you were and how you grew to be who you are now. This exercise will also help you become more accountable for your growth and future objectives.

Be actively and intentionally grateful

Acknowledge the things for which you are grateful. Give others your attention by acknowledging them. This practice positively impacts your mood, inner strength, ability to move forward, and overall motivation to continue. Recognizing that what you have—what you are going through—is a gift will help you overcome obstacles and emerge victorious.

Learn how to make better decisions: Pay attention to the lessons taught by life

Consider how you handled a challenging situation in the past. Now compare the probable outcomes of your decisions with the risk, while keeping your values in mind, and make the decision. Make decisions based on data, evidence, and your personal or company values rather than what others say. You’ll feel more confident because you made it yourself.


  • You get more of what you focus your attention on. Direct your attention to what you can control (what you want and not what you don’t want).
  • Life’s challenges and adversities are not what you want, but what you require. Try to make the most of it by accepting it. Call yourself out on some behaviors and choices you have made, then try to work towards them if they’re still there.
  • Own up to things in your head quietly. More importantly, look objectively at who you were then, who you are now, and who you want to be; if there is growth, you are on the right track. If there are no changes, you can begin working toward them. Revisit who you were to teach yourself what you want to do to move forward.
  • Stop feeling guilty for being idle and wasting time. You need to stop and rest sometimes, as it is essential for growth.
  • All timing is perfect timing. The more you refuse this lesson taught by life, the more painful it gets.

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